Posted by: thefitacademic | March 8, 2011

Very Hairy

Over the years I’ve worn my hair a hundred different ways.

Sometimes its been short


Sometimes it’s been long


Sometimes it’s brown


or reddish

Picture 076

Sometimes I do it just right & it turns out really cute


This is just after we got engaged!

And sometimes I’m on vacation & my straighter breaks so I just wear it up in a simple pony-tail.Smile

Imported Photos 00361

Right now it’s pretty long. I haven’t gotten it cut since just before the wedding & that was back in November. Check out how long my hair was – even curled! It’s several inches below my shoulders when straight.


I just scheduled an appointment at my favorite salon (I’m an avid Aveda lover) to get it done in two weeks. I’m feeling like a change, but not sure if I want anything drastic.

Any suggestions?

Are you adventurous with your hair, or do you like to stick with a particular style?

I’m spending the evening running statistics. Oh the joys of graduate school Smile



  1. You have gorgeous hair but I like the short blond look when you got engaged….love that dress as well!

  2. Your hair looks great in all these photos! I’m going to have to go with long and brown though! 🙂

    • I love brown, too – but my entire family is opposed to it! So weird, right? My mom thinks it makes me look like a different person (my natural is a dirty blond). But, brunettes get paid more (statistically speaking), so I’ll probably go dark when I go on the job market. Can’t hurt, right?

  3. I’m pretty unadventurous with mine! Most of my life has been spent switching between having it quite short and growing it out and then chopping it off again, but I’ve never done much colour-wise!

    • i definitely go through those cycles of long – chop to short – grow to long, repeat!

  4. I love your hair! I’ve always wanted red hair. I am definitely not adventurous with my hair. never been died or cut too short!

  5. Gorgeous wedding hair – so pretty! 🙂

  6. I am an Aveda-only girl too! The tea makes it all worth it.

    I am not at all adventurous. In fact, if I make an appointment more than a couple hours ahead of time, I usually end up wussing out.

    • I know, I LOVE their tea! And the “sensory experiences” are pretty amazing, too! : )

  7. That’s so cool that you’ve tried so many different styles/colors! I’m so boring. I never change my color or style at all haha! How about layers for you?

    • I like layers, but my hair is usually long so they can kinda fall flat. Typically I go with some tapering around my face and just very short & subtle layers in the back

  8. You are always hot… but you are HELLA hot with the red!! I’ve been thinking of going red again myself!! 🙂 I totally had classes with your hubby at some point or something… the more I look at him the more his face is familiar!! 🙂

  9. I like to take risks when I cut my hair. Most times it works for me. Hoping your appt turns out great.

  10. I love Aveda for getting my hair done! I got my wedding hair done at an Aveda salon 🙂

    I’m not adventurous at all with my hair and I try to keep it shorter since the baby wraps her fat little fingers in it and PULLS.

    I think you looked great with a little red in your hair, maybe do that again?

    • I LOVE going red – it just fades so quickly so there’s either LOTS of dying, or it goes drab quickly!

  11. Aveda is so great, right??? I’m adventurous when it comes to my hair – I’ve had it short like Eminem and long like at your wedding! The great thing is it will always grown back – so have fun with it. 🙂

    • I feel the same way – I don’t get too attached : )

  12. I love your hair it’s beautiful! I wouldn’t go too short! It’s always such a pain to grow back… But definitely have fun with it!

    I can’t wait to see what you do 🙂

  13. i’m growing my hair long for my wedding too, but after that i would LOVE to chop it off – at least to above my shoulders! i think your hair looks especially great in your wedding photo and in the one from when you were just engaged!

    • yeah, I had 18 months between the engagement & the wedding & I took lots of supplements and grew grew grew with only tiny trims for the entire 18 months so it would be long enough to do the side-style like I wanted : )

  14. i’m pretty predictable with my hair-been dying it red with henna for 18 years!
    the craziest cut i ever got was a winona ryder pixie cut. it was alright, i just didn’t like the upkeep of how often it needed to be trimmed!
    now, it’s either a ponytail or if i’m really feeling sassy-i’ll straighten it 😉

  15. I love growing my hair but prefer to have them about two-three inches below my shoulders. That way they are long enough and manageable. The only adventure I do with my hair is highlight them once in a while, other then that i hava fixed hair look.

    I love your hair in the engagement pic and the wedding pic!

  16. I love your hair long and brunette!! I have been every color and length as well… What is your natural?

    • my natural is dirty blond. That’s what it’s been the majority of my life, but I’ll go through phases where I dye it other colors for a few months here and there : )

  17. How about something assymetrical? One of my favorite haircuts was cut at a different length on each side and was very short in the back.

    I like to change my hairstyle too – it just keeps growing back, so why not?

  18. I’m an aveda lover too =) I’d say…hmmm…. lighten up for the spring?

  19. Your hair is gorgeous in all the photos! I am not too adventurous with my hair. I’ve never dyed it (I’m all natural, baby), never done any crazy layers/bangs or changes. Right now it’s at the longest it’s EVER been, so I’m starting to think it’s time to chop it short again!

  20. I love your hair in all of the pictures I used to change my hair all the time.

  21. Same way! In fact, when people visit my house they seem to always say ‘I can’t find two pictures where your hair is the same’ Yup, it’s true. I love a little variety 🙂

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