Posted by: thefitacademic | March 7, 2011

Spring is in the air!!!

Judging from your comments on my BBQ/flower post, it sounds like many of you are NOT experiencing Spring just yet. Hang in just a little longer – it’ll be here sooner than you know it!

I was looking through some old photo albums on the computer from when we lived in Florida (we lived there while I was going to school for my M.A. in Psychology from 2007-2009). Check out this picture from just outside our back door, Spring 2008.

Picture 143

Aww, see all the baby duckies? I would save stale bread to feed the guys.

Picture 130Picture 127


Nothing better after a long, hard day of work than to walk out back and feed the babies! Perks up my spirits, at least.

And now that I’m one full week into P90X, I wanted to give my first-week reactions. I’ll do another review once I’m a month deep.


I like the variety of the videos. I would get extremely bored with the same video every day (even rotating between 4-5 seems like too few!). In P90X it’s a different video everyday for 6 days (the 7th day is a Rest day), then the pattern repeats for 3 weeks before being changed up.

The videos are challenging – definitely not for beginners, and are quite time-intensive. I was DYING after my first Back & Chest video, which despite its name, really works the arms with about a million push ups, pull ups, and chin-ups. Not gonna lie, that very evening I was already so sore that I had a hard time raising my arms in the shower to shave the underarms…..yes, that sore!! But it hurt so good!

The biggest drawback thus far is simply finding time to fit it all into my schedule! I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had to break some of the videos up into two, shorter segments (1 in morning, 1 in evening) so I can fit them in. Oh – and another downside – the yoga video totally sucks! I mean, it’s a good workout, but it is NOT yoga! I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but when I practice yoga I feel renewed afterwards – and that definitely does NOT happen with the P90X yoga video.

I’ve already gotten my workout in today, and this evening is going to be spent mostly doing schoolwork (and maybe sneaking in a viewing of The Bachelor:  Girls Tell All – total guilty pleasure! I’ve never watched before but somehow someway, this season has gotten me SUCKED IN!!)

Does anyone else actually kinda get excited from the good burn of muscle soreness after a killer workout? (To clarify – I’m talking about normal soreness, not injury!)

What guilty pleasure TV – shows do you have?



  1. i love a good workout burn! it’s sooooooo satisfying and it always makes me feel like i wasn’t wasting my time!

    my guilty pleasure shows: say yes to the dress + america’s next top model! i don’t have cable, so i don’t watch them often, but when i’m at my mom’s or brad’s and there is a marathon on…watch out! 🙂

  2. I love some soreness- makes me feel like it did something!

    my guilty pleasure is teen mom. hehe:)

  3. I love that burn!! It’s definitely the “good kind of hurt”. Unfortunately I haven’t felt it in a long time despite how hard I work out and even though it doesn’t actually mean anything towards whether the workout was better than usual or anything, it sure make it *seem* better!

  4. I’m addicted to that feeling after working out. And chest and Back? Yeah. That one never gets easier. In 90 days of doing P90X, I only did the yoga dvd once. It sucked a whole lot. Total waste of 90 minutes.

    • Glad I’m not alone! Maybe I’ll substitute with a REAL yoga class : )

  5. guilty tv pleasure? okay…… Ill say it… FAMILY GUY! haha I just love the mindless humor 😉

    • Family Guy is HILARIOUS! And there are actually a lot of “smart” jokes in it that I think a lot of people miss, ya know?

  6. i tried p90x…but i just couldn’t promise myself an hour or more every single night afterwork..i know lazy! haha—i can’t believe you have the time to write a blog everyday, workout AND work on your PHD! crazy!!!! seems like you are enjoying it all and being a married woman 🙂

  7. So impressed that you’re doing P90X! My uncle bought it but I haven’t heard him talk about it- I think he stopped doing it 🙂

  8. I loooooooooove feeding baby duckies!! I’m such a 5 year old. 😉

  9. I love when I can tell that I worked out the next day! I don’t like it to last too long, but one day of soreness is good 🙂

    I haven’t watched the Bachelor ever, but I feel like I have since so many bloggers talk about it!

  10. I love the soreness after an especially good workout! I haven’t tried P90X yet though. Seems too intense for me, and kind of like you, I just don’t how to work it into my schedule. My guilty-pleasure show is definitely Jersey Shore!

  11. Oh my goodness – I’m so sore from a TRX class I took this past Sunday. I STILL am having problems sitting my quads hurt so bad! (but it’s a good hurt!)
    Jersey Shore is for sure my guilty pleasure – it’s such a train wreck, but I love it! 🙂

  12. Just for the record … if spring doesn’t come sooner than I know it, I’m going to blame you 😉 haha.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  13. I love a good workout and have a soft spot for Yoga Booty Ballet 🙂 But I find I get my best workout from Boot Camp! It’s an awesome class and I can always feel the burn.

    My guilty pleasure is The Real Houswives of (anywhere)…I love watching them and it’s an hour of just shutting my brain off!

  14. The Bachelor is sooo my guilty pleasure. I always tell myself I am not going to watch it and somehow every season there I am.

  15. Definitely the Bachelor—but I’ve also watched a few Teen Moms!

  16. i’m so different when it comes to exercise videos. i enjoy the same ones over and over. about 10 years ago i had a vhs tape and the ribbon actually ripped i had played it so often!
    guilty tv…….america’s next top model.

  17. Feeding the ducks is my favorite memory with my great-grandpa. So fun. 🙂

    I didn’t watch the Bachelor this year…but I’m bummed because everyone loved it this season.

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