Posted by: thefitacademic | March 6, 2011

Sunday Fun day

Last night was a lot of fun! Nothing fancy, but a couple friends came over while we BBQ’ed.

In Texas we are very opinionated about our BBQ techniques! While I don’t really have a huge preference for charcoal versus propane grills, Chris has always been a charcoal man. Plus we had ribs on the menu and those HAVE to be smoked for best flavor! Love that our grill is large enough to accommodate so much food! I should have taken a picture with the lid open so you could see – we had ribs, chicken breasts, sausages, asparagus in foil, and potatoes.


Some of the meats:


And the asparagus – I had fresh minced garlic in there with a bit of butter. When it was done I put slices of brie on top to melt.



Then this morning I started the day right with a giant protein pancake topped with some fresh blueberries & a drizzling of 100% pure maple syrup


Then, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon making THESE over



into THIS





Like the boys playing in the background? Here’s a closer look


fighting over palm fronds Smile

Isn’t this flower pot so cute? My sister got it for me!


And then rewarded myself with a delicious Eegee!

An Eegee is hard to describe – like a mix between a snow cone and a slush, with real fruit chunks. PERFECT for sunny, warm afternoons!

I got a kid size: half strawberry and half lucky lime (even though it looks yellow for some reason?)


The lime is a seasonal flavor and I guess they call it “Lucky Lime” for St. Patty’s Day? Anyone doing anything special to celebrate? It’s been years since I’ve really “celebrated” St. Patrick’s Day. If anything, I may go to an Irish Pub for dinner, then call it a night.

And now we’ve rented Due Date so we’ll be hanging out at the house while I intermittently watch the movie and work on prepping my lectures for the week.

What was your favorite part of the weekend? Do anything special?

Do you have a garden? Any tips? I’m notorious for killing plants!!!



  1. The snow cone/slushie looks so good!! Looks like you guys had a fun BBQ! All the food looks delicious! My fave part of the weekend was watching Due Date with the bf 🙂

  2. I love the flower pot!! I totally have grill envy btw… and I’m definitely a charcoal girl! 🙂 My parents owned a BBQ restaurant here in Austin back in the day, so I’m a bit of a BBQ nazi. 🙂

    • had no idea! What an awesome family biz! Except I’d probably be an obese child if that were the case for me : )

  3. Between you and Gina (fitnessista), I am dying to get my hands on eegee’s!!

    Fave part of my weekend: my husband bringing me a cupcake in bed to celebrate my bday week! 🙂

    • haha, yeah – she was the one who planted the idea in my head! : )

  4. Hahaha! I watched Due Date last night and it was hilarious! Loved it!

    Our flight on the way back was over booked and we had a two day delay in Houston, Texas. We made the most of it and did some exploring…You are right you guys do specialize in BBQ! I think I gained twenty pounds in two days! The food was so good 🙂

    • glad you were able to make the most of your delay!

  5. Oh my gosh, I’m in awe of your garden-decorating-pots skills! I often take care of my parents and grandparents plants when they’re away, and I’m always terrified I’ll kill them all!

  6. I want to come over to your place for a BBQ! Also, if you wanted to clean up our yard, I’d let you do that too.

    Rocky is so cute playing, I thought you said he was anti-social! 🙂

  7. I’m so jealous that you’re planting flowers already – we’re still shoveling snow and ice!!!!

    • I’m sure I’ll be jealous of you from June-September when we’re at 120 degrees and it feels like death! : )

  8. Oh, I am so ready for summer … I want to BBQ!

  9. I have been craving BBQ veggie burgers and corn. Too bad I’ve no place to BBQ!

  10. MMM the slushie looks so good! Is it kind of like a ritas??
    I’m so jealous that you guys can grill outside already!! I’m still using my george foreman for now..

    • kinda like a rita – but with chunks of fruit. Heaven, i tell ya!

  11. I always start with seedlings from lowes or target so that I can’t kill the baby veggie plant! That for sure jenn-and-paul-proofs gardening in my house! Though its a few bucks per plant and I’d love to go cheapo with seeds!

    brie on asparagus? um, i love you!

  12. my research project is a gardening intervention for overweight kids during the summer. if you have any specific questions you can let me know! 🙂

    like jenn suggested, we start with seedlings for tomatoes, peppers, and any other plants that have longer growing seasons than our short wisconsin summers allow (but we plant the seeds ourselves – i just helped start them last week!).

  13. mmm brie asparagus!? sounds delish!! that flower pot really is adorable-not gonna lie, I want it!! 😉

  14. Whoa I’ve never heard of an eeggee.. that would be totally up my alley! I was just thinking the other day that I haven’t had a slush in forever. I need to!

  15. ooh that reminds me of sno balls I had in louisiana love slushies

  16. […] you believe that I somehow brought these flowers back to life & now they’re actually flourishing!? I swear, this is the longest success I’ve […]

  17. […] yesterday when I was craving something sweet instead of begging the hubs for an Eegee or running to the convenience store for some gummy bears, I busted out a thing of dates and ate […]

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