Posted by: thefitacademic | March 3, 2011

Terrific Thursday

Today was one of those days where my VERY FIRST meeting of the day ran 20 minutes over, thus making me late for the next meeting – which also ran over. And so on for the entire day! I HATE being late & it’s one of my biggest pet peeves when people are late for meetings with me (part of hating when people think their time is more valuable than mine) so it drives me crazy when I’m the one who is late.

Despite that unfortunate circumstance, I actually had a pretty great day! One of those days where I really felt like I connected to my students & that they really “got” what I was talking about (I’m a dork, I know!). I also got a lot of quality work done on my own, which is always invigorating! And I got to celebrate a friend’s thesis defense! Then I came home and needed to make something quick and easy to feed myself & the boys. I grabbed some of the pasta I had in the freezer from Trader Joes.


Pesto tortellini & Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Ravioli. Once cooked the goat cheese ravioli looked strangely green, but it tasted DELICIOUS! IMAG0120

I had baked chicken a couple days ago, so I grabbed that out of the fridge, chopped it up and threw some pieces in the bowl with the pasta. My bowl of mostly ravioli with just a couple tortellini pieces thrown in. The boys had the opposite. I also used just a touch of marinara sauce (not much was needed) and a little fresh shredded parmesan cheese. Unfortunately, the pesto pasta was not very great (such a bummer because I LOVE pesto), but the Ravioli made up for it!


I forgot to take a picture before I started eating, but you get the idea.

On P90X – I’m on day 3 and it has been rough! Not that the DVDs have been rough (don’t get me wrong – they are challenging), but it’s been rough finding the time! I’m making it work though. One of the 60 minute DVDs I split into two separate 30 minute chunks to fit my schedule, and I’m scheduled to do a 90 minute yoga video tomorrow, but I went ahead and got the first 30 minutes out of the way tonight because I know I won’t have a full 90 minutes to devote to it tomorrow.

In terms of my thoughts on P90X – I’ll give a full review after my first 30 days, but so far I feel pretty good. As long as I keep making it a priority to find the time for the workouts, I think I’ll be okay.

Now I’m off to jump in the shower & work on some homework for a class tomorrow morning. Gotta love it Winking smile

What’s your favorite frozen dinner from Trader Joe’s (or any grocery store, for that matter)?



  1. I love the sound of that ravioli! Goat cheese annnnd sun-dried tomatoes! That just sounds amazing!

  2. I definitely hate when people do not respect others’ time!

    LOVE ravioli & tortellini. We tried a great ravioli from Trader Joe’s earlier this week – arugula & parmesan. Yum!

  3. I don’t think you’re dorky at all for feeling like you connected with your students! I think it’s badass! 🙂

  4. I LOVE frozen ravioli but havent had it in a long time. I dont think I have a favourite frozen dinner though

  5. I really like frozen stuffed shells. Once you bake them with some sauce, it’s hard to tell I didn’t make them!

    I like your idea of splitting up the workouts, that’s a great way to fit in working out with a busy schedule!

  6. I love trader joes frozen pasta! have you ever had their sweet potato gnocchi? to die for!

  7. I don’t eat too many frozen dinners, but I have had frozen pizza from TJ’s that was bomb!

  8. Hey! I found your blog through What Kate is Cooking! 🙂

    My fav frozen dinners are Amy’s Pizzas! So yummy. Unfortunately, they don’t have Trader Joe’s where I live–huge bummer!

  9. My coworkers was just telling me about their ravioli today–why haven’t I tried it???

    I cannot stand when people are late I feel the same way as you–what is my time not as valuable as yours? Annoying.

  10. My advisor has this problem of being late for all the meetings and not caring for other time and that only adds to my agony. He is a good man, but this habit annoys me.

    I like Amy’s when it comes to frozen dinners.

    • ugh, my advisor is the same! Also gotta love this – he’s out of town for 3 weeks(!!!), so he’s forcing us to all have meetings with him over Spring Break! Not that I was going to go anywhere, but just the principle that we are expected to be there when he needs us, but he can disappear in the middle of the semester whenever he likes….
      I shouldn’t vent – he has helped me tremendously over the years but it can be frustrating!

  11. I never heard of Trader Joe’s, but perogees (I forget how to spell it but it’s pronounced purr-o-gee’s and they are like ravioli stuffed with potatoes and bacon) with pasta sauce, mushrooms, peppers, and Italian sausages are probably my favorite.

    • sounds amazing – I bet my hubbs would LOVE it!

  12. good job with P90X! sounds like you’re rockin’ it.
    fave TJs frozen meal? hmmm……i honestly can’t remember the last time i had a frozen meal TJs or otherwise. I think the last frozen foods I ate were broccoli and Vans gluten free waffles 🙂 Not really meals in themselves, but food nonetheless 🙂

  13. I hate being late to! Biggest pet peeve ever! Sometimes I think I’m the only one because everyone I know is always late! I bought P90X this summer and still haven’t tried it! Kudos to you for fitting in whenever you can!

  14. Being late is a pet peeve of mine. Me or other people. It is such a sign of disrespect. It just screams “my time is more important than your time”. I hate it.

    I did P90X right around this time last year, and totally agree – finding the time for it is the hardest part, but keep it up!!! It really does work. Did you take the before photos? I kind of thought it was lame, but did it anyway, and it really was the best way to “measure” my success. You really can see the difference in photos in a way you can’t with a mirror.

    • I did! I felt silly doing it, but i’ve got front, side, and back! : )

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