Posted by: thefitacademic | March 2, 2011

What I ate Wednesday

So, surely by now you MUST have seen Jenn’s What I ate Wednesday link party, right?

Every week I see it and every week I wish I would get on my game and join the link party, but I just crap out or something (probably something to do with Wednesdays being my busiest day of the week & I just forget to photograph my food) Smile

Someway, somehow I got my act together today! So check out my recent eats:

Before breakfast I did the Cardio X P90X video. Immediately thereafter, I had a big protein-packed smoothie (banana, strawberries, pineapple, pineapple juice, & hemp protein powder)


Busy morning at school, then I hit up the $3 lunch at a place called Core. It’s really cool – there are about a million items to choose from (I swear – more than at Jason’s Deli!)


I cant even remember all the items I selected:  sundried tomato, red bell pepper, green onions, red onions, a corn salsa, chickpeas, edamame, cashews, avocado, feta cheese, apple slices…and more???

Then you pick a “green”:  I picked a mix of spinach and romaine lettuce. Then they toss it all together with a dressing of your choice (I always go dry because there are plenty of “juices” from all my salsa and other toppings!)


Afternoon snack: carrot sticks and almond butter


at my desk…


and – to be honest – I haven’t had dinner yet, but I’ll show you my dinner from last night:


A pork chop, simple salad, corn, and one of my leftover homemade rolls from the other day. Tonight I have planned something chicken – maybe a stir-fry? Not sure yet.

And I have several hours of work ahead of me. That’s okay though because I’ve kind of been slacking…..Monday night I took completely “off” to just do nothing, and last night I met up with friends after dinner – one of them is going though a rough time and I wanted to lend my support. As a result, I didn’t do any work. So tonight I need to get some stuff done!

One of the amazing/horrible/facts of life of a graduate student is that from 9-5 your work-work-working…..on school. Sad smile It’s all basically one of the following:  homework/reading for classes you’re taking, working for classes you’re teaching, sitting in meetings/classes/etc, and working on projects with immediate deadlines.

So nights and weekends are basically the only time when you can work on YOUR OWN stuff (reading/research). So, yeah – working nights & weekends is pretty much always a given. What can ya do? C’est la vie.

Ever seen this episode of “The Simpsons”? Yup…’s funny ‘cuz it’s true Smile

Enter video caption here

How do you spend your evenings?

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  1. yeah girl! whoohooo! getting your link and thumbnail ready to post on p&c!!! ❤ Core sounds delish!! I love eating at customizable places like that!

  2. I want that Guiness glass! And I want to go to Core-what an awesome concept!

  3. I love salad bars, the choices make me so so happy.

  4. That restaurant sounds so cool!! I want to find one! I spend my evenings working out, reading, writing and worrying about work. Yep, that last one stinks!

  5. I spend my evenings baking, blogging and reading. I also try and do yoga or pilates at night. My husband is in grad school and is usually busy at night, so I get to focus on stuff I like (and that are quiet, so I don’t distract him. Lol!).

  6. Just keep your head up it’s about that time for midterms and such. YOU CAN DO IT. it’s hard to blog and eat well and exercise and do well in school BUT your def doing a great job 🙂 come check out my blog sometime ..we have alot in common!

  7. Core sounds badass… you can take me there if I come with Alex to his martial art thingy next year! 😉

  8. We used to have a salad bar like that at a place I worked, and it was way more expensive than 3 bucks!

    I remember the strange feeling I had when I graduated grad school on my first few weekend without any homework or reading. You won’t know what to do with yourself!

    • haha, i wish! Only problem is I hope to go into academia…, yeah….it’ll probably always be this way (at least until I’m tenured!)

  9. sounds like an epic salad bar….i know my eyes would be bigger than my tummy though and I’d totally get way too much! lol!
    evenings=help daughter with homework, read blogs, clean, dinner.
    hopefully once spring/summer roll around i’ll be outside a lot more 🙂

    • I feel the same way! I’ve been biking to school lately and it’s been so nice – I miss being outside!

  10. Ahhh! A salad bar with avocado!!! Jason’s needs to get ON that!!

  11. Wait you got all of that for $3!? Super jealous… The only salad bar we have thats decent is Whole Foods and we all know that’s about 9 dollars a pound!

    • whoa – that’s an expensive salad! Yeah, the $3 deal is only on Wednesdays so I end up eating lunch there pretty much every Wednesday! : )

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