Posted by: thefitacademic | March 1, 2011

Training, Day #1

I definitely have OCD-type tendencies. Did you know that technically almost ALL “disorders” are just an extreme end of a continuum? Meaning that everyone in the normal population has some of the tendencies – just not to an extreme (this is true of OCD, depression, and a whole slew of psychological disorders!) One of the requirements for these tendencies to be considered a real disorder is that they must interfere with daily life and functioning. Well, I keep my OCD under wraps so it doesn’t interfere with my life…..most of the time, anyway.

Last night I swear I spent almost 2 hours pouring over different triathlon training plans, trying to decide what to do, what I would tweak, etc. The problem is that there are EXACTLY 3 months until the triathlon. Well, every training plan I looked at was a minimum of 3 months long. And remember how I’m doing the P90X challenge this month? Yeah, that means I only have 2 months for triathlon training. Righttttt…….

Well, I finally did it! I made up a little calendar for the next 3 months specific for my training.


Things are going to have to change around here! Mostly, I’ll probably be sleeping less, because workouts from here on out for the next 3 months are scheduled to last anywhere between 60-120 minutes! That’s not even including the shower and getting dressed afterwards. Pretty much every day (1 rest day per week). For the next 3 months. That’s pretty extreme, right? It seems pretty intense to me anyways. But I’m committed to it! It is happening, y’all!

I’ll keep you updated with how it’s going.

Today began with some Core Synergistics


The first 15 minutes I was thinking, “No problem.” This was in the morning before the hubbs & bro-in-law left for work and even they commented on how easy it looked. By 30 minutes deep (half way through), I was getting a little winded. Perfect time for a water break


By 45 minutes in, my arms were wobbling during the incessant push ups and my form was slipping for the “boat” pose (similar to boat in yoga, but with the arms extended overhead). By the time it was over, I was DONE!


I think my arms, especially, were extra tired & sore because yesterday I hit up the gym’s pool to swim laps for the FIRST TIME since last summer! I just did a quick 20 minutes, but I was feeling the burn for sure! I’ve definitely been neglecting my weight training and my upper body strength, as a result, is sorely lacking! It makes me even more excited about P90X though – can’t wait to see the changes in my body transformation!

After the workout I had a big bowl of overnight oats – in a jar! I’d had just a little bit left of The Bee’s Knees (about 1.5 Tbs).


I had put oats in the jar, added unsweetened almond milk and threw it in the fridge overnight! This morning I scooped into a bowl, added a sprinkling of cinnamon and just a pinch of brown sugar and heated up.


Perfect protein-packed breakfast to start me on my day!

Have you ever tried any programs like P90X or 30 day Shred, etc? Favorites? Least Favorites? What’d you think?



  1. i got my pb and jelly yesterday!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much! my hubby snatched the jelly out of my hands so fast i could barely read the label! lol! “is that jelly??!! grape?! can i have it?”
    he loves grape jelly and we haven’t had any in the house for months…just keep forgetting to get it.
    thank so much 🙂
    P90X scares me :/ i may try it someday though 🙂 hope it goes well!

    • no prob, glad you like it! That grape is made from concord grapes (same grapes wine is made from), so it’s “snooty” grape….if such a thing exists in jelly world! : )

  2. Training for a tri is so time intensive! Training for an Ironman is like having another full time job!

    I did the 30 day shred, but not really. I did the workout whenever I felt like, but I did think it had some good moves! I think the only thing that ever changed my upper body is yoga.

  3. I did the 30 day shred (I looove Jillian Michaels as you know). I was a fan, but sometimes I felt like it wasn’t enough.

  4. Good luck with the trainings – sounds intense!!

  5. Ive done the 30 day shred and I loved it!! P90x seems to intense for me to do alone. I’d have to really be focused!

  6. I’ve never tried P90X, but I’ve done the 30 Day Shred – always see great results with it!

  7. work it girl! I want to try p90x so bad but i’m soooo weak! I need a beginners video first! haha! 30 day shred is probably just as hardcore but i’m starting with that this week! ahhh wish me luck and muchooo luck to you with your new workout sched!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  8. Yay for your training plan!! I’ve tried the 30-day shred and I loved it! I’ve only done levels 1 and 2 so far though. The peanut butter looks so good!!

  9. I wanted to try P90X, but apparently it’s really hard on the knees. I want to do 30 day shred!

    • I saw Caitlin make reference to that (I guess Gina, fitnessista, said it at some point), but I don’t find it any harder on the knees than a regular road-run!? Although, I’ve only supplemented workouts with the P90X videos so this is my first time to really do it all the way through as intended. I’ll give a review of what I think when I get a little deeper in.

  10. Girl, you are a POWERHOUSE and I know you can blast through this training! xoxo

  11. Good luck with your training plan – you definitely have your work cut out for you! I haven’t tried any of those plans you mentioned, but everyone has good things to say about P90X and JM’s Shred.
    Keep us updated!

  12. It has to feel so amazing to finally have a set training plan for your tri. I’m in “training” for a marathon but have yet to make an actual schedule.

    • haha, yes, the OCD has abated for the time being. I wish I could just “go-with-the-flow”, but I need a PLAN or else my eyes start to twitch ; )

  13. i’m doing the 30 day shred right now and LOVING it! 🙂

    i have insanity, but i’ve only used those workouts to supplement my workout routine. i think i might do the whole insanity program next though.

    • I really wanna try the 30 day shred. If I owned it I probably would’ve done it instead of P90X just because it’s only 30 days and that’s all I have time for – I’m cutting the P90X program into a third its intended length!

  14. I’ve never tried any of those. Sounds intense!

  15. Hope these days of the P90X are going good 🙂 First day sounded rough.

  16. […] many of you know that I’ve been doing P90X this month. Well, I’ve now finished my 4th week, which is my last week of following the program […]

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