Posted by: thefitacademic | February 28, 2011

Baking up a storm!

Yesterday I made NOT 1, but TWO bread products! Are you guys as proud of me as I am of myself? No? Well clearly you don’t recognize when something is kind of a big deal!

So here’s what I did to get my English Muffins and my homemade Rolls:

The components:


yeast – the scariest part of the whole experience


mix of white and wheat flour


unsweetened almond milk.

For the English muffins I made muffin rings out of aluminum foil a la Chelsey style



+ my one little creative heart-shaped ring. Tip: If you have metal cookie cutters, you could make these in practically any shape…..all of my cookie cutters are cheap plastic, which does not work.


Wasn’t sure how it would all work out!


Fingers Crossed!

Not sure which I was more nervous about – the muffins or the rolls!

I caught Rocky digging in the trash for some scraps. When I yelled “Bad!”, he ran into the room to sulk. Here’s his “Sorry!” face.


See the ears folded back all submissively? That’s how you know he’s for real sorry Smile

The rolls took way longer than the muffins. Like, forever! I was working on a bunch of other things while doing the rolls (they take over an hour to rise), so it ended up working out. But this is definitely NOT something I would have time to do on a regular work day!

I scoured the internet for recipes that did NOT include shortening (read: LARD). I’m also biased against recipes that use eggs (remember my irrational phobia-esque fear of eggs?) I finally found one I was content with, but unfortunately, firefox crashed before I had bookmarked the page. It didn’t happen until after I made the rolls (thankfully!), but I tried to find it again today so I could link to it and I can’t find it anywhere! I think it was from but I have no idea. Sorry, guys!

At any rate, the finished product was a SUCCESS!!! Check it out!


So thick and delicious!


Maybe some sandwiches on homemade rolls are in my future?? And definitely more English muffins, too!


So what’s my final review of cooking with yeast?

Well, I won’t do it on a regular basis just because I’m not always home to deal with it and I don’t have time to do it after work most evenings. I LOVED the finished product and now I’m super excited to try a “real” loaf of bread and maybe start experimenting with other flavors (like Cinnamon Raisin bread???). I also love having complete control of everything I’m eating (rather than having lots of preservatives and other crap). However, the down-side is that the stuff won’t last more than a few days before it spoils & – again – it took FOREVER!

But, I want to put out a challenge for anyone else reading who has never tried baking with yeast. Give it a try! It’s not so bad!

And now I’m off to start the day! I’ve got some errand-running, several meetings, and some work to get done today. And, FYI, the bro-in-law did, indeed, make it back in town safely last night after the 14 hour drive from Austin. One might think that he would still be sleeping, resting, or just chilling after such a grueling drive. Nope – Chris, like a slave-driver, insisted they get up at 6:30 so they could be at a job by 8:00am. No one around is sleeping but little Rocky boy.


Aww, if only I could cuddle up with him too! It got COLD again here, y’all! What’s up with that!? It froze last night and there were even some snow flurries yesterday (which NEVER happens in Tucson!)


Is it still freezing where you live? (Will Spring ever be here?)

Have you ever cooked with yeast? (If not and you take my challenge – you’ll have to let me know if you end up giving it a try!)

What are your plans for the day/week?



  1. I can’t believe you used yeast twice this weekend! Good for you! 🙂

  2. omg i’m so glad i’m not the only one who was mildly terrified of yeast! I just have been super intimidated! It’s a component of all the pizza crust recipes i’ve found and has been on the back burner forever! Thanks for the tips girl! ❤ one of these days i'll totally try this out!


    • i just stuck to the recipes instead of making my usual tweaks.worked out beautifully!

  3. I’ll cook with yeast if I have to, but I try to avoid it just since it’s time consuming! But those english muffins sound awesome…………..I may have to make some soon!

  4. Stil a cold, snowy winter wonderland near me. Can’t wait for spring.

  5. I’m super impressed that you made homemade English muffins!! I love making yeast breads, but I’ve never made English muffins before… Wow!! 🙂 The texture of your rolls looks sooooo perfect, too!! Yay you!

  6. Seriously… I cannot be more glad that I got over my fear of yeast baking!! Fresh baked bread freakin rules! 😀

  7. I love baking bread when I get the chance. Smells like heaven in your house. 🙂 I just normally don’t have time to do it! And YES…yeast is a little scary!

  8. Great job on the roll!! I’ve never tried cooking with yeast…way too nervous! I wish spring would come already too. I’m so sick of winter!

  9. It’s warming up here a little- not saying much when it never gets cold here!

  10. Those little foil “molds” are genius!!! Nice 🙂

    If you’re interested in experimenting more with cooking with yeast, I’ve heard nothing but AMAZING reviews of artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. If you’re interested, google it and everything you need will pop up. It’s a book, but the basic recipe is available online and I hear the bread is fantastic!

  11. Nice job!!! I am kinda scared to cook with yeast, I don’t know why. And I have limited kitchen space and baking bread seems like it would take up a lot of room but yours looks gorgeous.

  12. Woohoo! Nice job! Those look amazing 🙂 I have yet to experience with yeast… I’m a little nervous!! But i’m loving your experiments!

  13. I live in an igloo-for real.
    I’m petrified of yeast, I would make a hot mess….therefore i’m super envious of you!

  14. I avoid cooking with yeast because I”m impatient. I love your heart shape- so cute!

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