Posted by: thefitacademic | February 27, 2011

Homerun challenge & yoga happy hour

Today I finally had the courage to try something I’ve never done before. I decided to try my hand at cooking something…with yeast!


Awhile back I had seen Chelsey’s post where she made homemade English muffins. “Looks Good”, I thought….but I never imagined I’d make them myself.

But look what just a few short months of blogging will do for ya – I’m spreading my wings and venturing out of my comfort zone!

I used this recipe and literally followed it to a T. I’m notorious for changing things around and ending up with epic failures. I did NOT want to fail on this mission, so I even went so far as to whip out a tsp. measurer (usually I just eye-ball) so that I could be certain everything was done according to the directions.

When everything was said and done I had 10 of these guys4-073BFCBF-908478-800

Like the heart shape? Yeah, I got creative there in the middle Winking smile

The one I selected for my reward treat had been one of the thicker ones. I tore it open and it was so perfect inside – EXACTLY the right texture!


Slathered a little butter and blueberry Bonne Maman and it was just like heaven in my mouth!


Not only was it a total success, this is actually one of my typical breakfasts (usually with AB, but you know…) and this fresh-at-home, ZERO preservatives variety cost mere pennies compared to my normal batch of store-bought English muffins.

Amazing! I was so proud of my yeast success that I think I may just try my hand at some homemade rolls for dinner!

I had to run into school for awhile, but I got distracted by our lab’s “mascot,” Charlie (the coconut)


I’ll have to tell you more about Charlie some other time.

I’m on my way out the door for $4 yoga happy hour! Love the stuff! I do, however, plan to spend some time this evening checking out training plans for triathlons – so exciting! Open-mouthed smile

Do you ever practice yoga? What variety is your favorite?



  1. Yay for homemade english muffins! They look delicious!

  2. Love English muffins – don’t know why I’ve never tried making them myself!

  3. 4 dollar yoga? That’s awesome! I usually do a hot power yoga (Baron Baptiste style) and I really like it!

    Those english muffins look incredible!

  4. Those muffins look amazing. You seriously always have the best looking food nom nom nom.

  5. I can’t believe you made english muffins-i’m envious!

  6. Check you out! I’ve never used yeast either…it is intimidating.
    Glad it was successful for you!

  7. it never ever crossed my mind that i could make my own english muffins! my fiance eats them all the time – i’m sure it’d save lots of money if i learned to make them! 🙂

  8. The English muffins look delicious!!! Great job, and I love the heart-shaped one!

  9. I like doing “my own thing” with yoga, sort of vinyasa style and half stretching. THe only classes I ever go to are my sister’s, but otherwise I like to just do it at home 🙂

  10. Ooo, nice muffin action!! I am a huge fan of the more traditional hatha yoga… I love the centering aspect!

  11. hold the phone! you’re on twitter? find me! I can’t find you for some reason!

    (im under peas and crayons. haha of course!)

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