Posted by: thefitacademic | February 20, 2011

Life’s a walk in the park

The dog park, that is!

Despite having wind advisories (gusts up to 50 mph), I was determined to spend as much time outside as possible this weekend! I’ve been cooped up in the office so much these past few weeks that I haven’t gotten enough vitamin D in my life!

So for part of Saturday Chris and I headed to the park!


Rocky ran and played and made friends


Rocky was having a blast & the weather felt great (minus the wind!)


Then, later in the evening, I made a 100% homemade dinner of fried chicken, mashed potato and gravy, and rolls, like a good southern woman Winking smile

Sure not the healthiest of meals, but it’s called for every once in awhile!

Side Note: Since I’ve started this blog I’ve been doing so much cooking from scratch! My fried chicken and mashed taters used to be one of the only things I did from scratch – now I’m doing pancakes, granola bars, waffles, muffins, pop-overs, and hopefully I’ll be mixing in the use of yeast – for bread & rolls – soon (I’ve been so scared to do so in the past!) It’s exciting to be expanding my horizons!

I ate mine with a side of veg. He ate his with….more gravyOpen-mouthed smile


After dinner, Chris & I had a little date. We decided to go see Joey Medina (of the Latin King’s of Comedy) at Laffs in Tucson. It was a great time! Even though we paid for “general admission”, somehow we got VIP seating directly next to the stage! All of the comics were hilarious – Joey even interacted with the audience & included Chris & me in his discussion about marriage! It was so cool to have the “rock star” seats!

And the server was super attentive, too. I had a couple of these guys that were TOO GOOD, ya know? Winking smile


It was champagne with Chambord (raspberry liqueur). omg delish! It was a fun evening!

And remember when I showed you my shadow box before? I rearranged it awhile back like I had wanted, but never took an “after” shot. Here it is.


Will you just look and see the difference in quality of picture from my phone’s camera versus my old, regular camera? omg, it’s ridiculous!

I’ve spent most of today reading and working on grading and lectures, with hefty spurts of cleaning and laundry interjected. I think it’s looking like more of the same this afternoon and evening.

Do you get “off” work for President’s Day? Or is it really only a holiday for the postal system?



  1. The chicken dinner and the day at the park both sound great.

  2. My husband gets off tomorrow, so that’s as close as I get to having a day off too 🙂

    I wish my dog park was still nice. It used to be great, but now people bring fighting pit bulls (I wish I was joking here) so it isn’t safe to take other dogs there. At least we still have a large fenced yard for the dog!

    • are you kidding me? That’s crazy! There was one person at the park with a super aggressive dog. It was kept leashed any anytime we (or anyone) walked by it would freak out and try to lounge, snarling and growling. At least the owner was vigilant about keeping it under control, but I don’t get why they even go to a dog park if their dog is aggressive? Maybe they’re trying to get it socialized but that doesn’t seem like the way to do it when things are already so bad!!!

  3. Awwww – such cute dog pics!
    I wish I had a puppy myself 🙂

  4. Since i first started blogging, I made so much more from scratch too.
    I wish I could spend more time outdoors but it’s so cold up here in NY. I don’t get the day off-in fact I have a test in class tomorrow booo.

  5. I love that shadow box! I display my medals / bibs on my bulletin board, but I like the look of this more 🙂

  6. There’s nothing like a good Southern meal. I vacationed in SC years ago, and I was blown away by the food there!! Lovin’ the shadow box!! I actually do have work off tomorrow. I’m so excited!

  7. I don’t have off 😦 used to in high school, though!

  8. i WISH i had off tomorrow for presidents day! sigh. too bad…

  9. I work for a bank so yep, I have off. What sucks though is that I’ve been so busy lately I will probably go in for a few hours-boo.

    Um, I LOVE your fried chicky meal. Nothing wrong with that stuff….in moderation of course 🙂

    • wha? I’ve never heard of a bank person having to go in on a bank holiday! That stinks!

  10. I love your shadow box!! What a beautiful accomplishment..
    Homemade fried chicken is the best!!! Sounds like a perfect night 🙂

  11. You are a damn good southern woman! xo

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