Posted by: thefitacademic | February 17, 2011

Package of Yummies & another GIVEAWAY!!!

Wow, so what a difference a day makes! Yesterday I woke up so full of life, happy and bubbly even! Today….I’m kinda dreading going to work. Ugh. Is it Friday yet?

On another note – does anyone else get super excited anytime they get a package in the mail!? I LOVE it! It always means something has arrived that I’ve been looking forward to – whether big or small, I’m just as excited!

So yesterday after a LONG HARD day of being crapped on, I got home to discover the most marvelous of packages had arrived.  A package of Peanut Butters!!! But not just any peanut butter – it’s PB&Co peanut butter!!!

So most of you probably have noticed that I’m a big time almond butter girl. But, if I’m eating PB, it’s GOTTA be PB&Co! Have you noticed PB&Co’s peanut butters making appearances on my blog before? No? You weren’t paying attention (see here or here or here!). Well, the lovely people at PB&Co agreed to let me review some of their products on the bloggy and today is the day, my friends! (yes I just got the package last night – that’s quick turnaround! Who am I kidding? I just couldn’t resist busting into the package & they might be gone soon!!!)

Here’s the lineup:


Left to right we’ve got: White chocolate wonderful, Dark chocolate dreams, The Bee’s Knees, and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl

*Note – I’m always 100% honest with my opinion and will tell it like it is – even if it’s brutal!

So first up, I tore right into that cinnamon raisin swirl – I’d been wanting to try this flavor for months now (I’m a creature of habit & always stick with my faves). I took a tablespoon and dug right in. It was DELICIOUS! Just like dessert! Loved the raisins in it. My only problem was that I definitely felt like it tasted a little gritty – maybe from the cinnamon? However, I will say that I tried it again this morning spread on an english muffin and all grittiness disappeared when paired with the muffin. It was AMAZING!


One should note, also, that the raisins tend to fall to the bottom of the container (just like the marshmallows in cereal when I was a kid). check out the bottom:PICT3296

All those little black dots are raisin goodness. I had to scoop down to the bottom to extract some raisins. Worth the trouble though. DELISH!

Next up I tried the Bee’s Knees. This is basically a PB with honey mixed in. I thought it was light and delicious – not too sweet (definitely not nearly as sweet as Cinn Raisin Swirl). It tasted PERFECT for making PB&J’s…..or even just for dipping carrots & celery (one of my go-to snacks!)

Now, my two PB&Co staples are the White Chocolate Wonderful and the Dark Chocolate Dream so I can review those without having opened them.

Both of these flavors are AMAZING! Seriously – life changing stuff, people! If you have a sweet tooth like I do, either one of these flavors will successfully squash any cravings by giving you your sweet kick, without all the added guilt that comes from a white or dark chocolate candy bar, for example. I really love them equally so I can’t pick a favorite.

So what does all this have to do with you? I want to share my goodies! I’ll give away one of my unopened jars of PB&Co peanut butter to a lucky reader!

So to recap – your choices here are between white chocolate and dark chocolate (unless you want my opened and previously-sampled other products, Winking smile)

To Enter: 1 entry per method (do a separate comment for each)

1. Leave a comment on this post saying which flavor you would want if you win. (How easy is this?!)

2. Subscribe to my blog & leave a comment letting me know (if you already follow, just leave a separate comment letting me know)

3. Mention my giveaway on your blog (and leave a comment letting me know)

I’ll select a winner randomly out of my comments on Saturday morning, so you’ve got a couple days to get on it & spread the word! Have a good day, y’all!



  1. I’d try the bee’s knees, just because I haven’t had it before!

  2. and you’re on my google reader if that counts!

  3. Well I’ve already tried the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, so I think I’d want to try Dark Chocolate Dreams!

  4. I already subscribe through Google Reader!!

  5. 1-i would love the white chocolate wonderful….just b/c i’ve never tried that flavor 🙂

  6. 2-i have your blog bookmarked 🙂 does that count?

  7. 3-i will mention your giveaway on my blog ASAP

  8. White chocolate wonderful please:)

  9. I’d love to try the White Chocolate one!

  10. I have your blog in my google reader 🙂 WordPress doesn’t like me commenting 2 times in a row, it keeps telling me to “slow down” lol

  11. I prefer the White Chocolate to the Dark (even though I prefer dark chocolate to white in straight up chocolate form!)… but the Mighty Maple is my fave! 😉

  12. You’re in my google reader, m’dear!

  13. I really want to try the cinnamon raisin 🙂

  14. And you’re in my Google Reader 🙂

  15. dark chocolate all the way! ❤

  16. Following via my google reader! ❤ thats how I get my fit academic stalking done daily ❤ haha

  17. oooh I would LOVE to try the dark chocolate!!!

  18. dark chocolate please! 🙂

    and yes, i LOVE getting packages. i had to order contacts last week and i even was excited when they came yesterday!

  19. i already subscribe to your blog! 🙂 love it.

  20. i mentioned your giveaway in my newest post (going up tomorrow at 7am!).

  21. White Chocolate Dreams, pretty please! I would love to win because my PB stash is currently all out!

  22. Added you to my Google Reader 🙂

  23. I’ve never tried it!!!!! Cinnamon raisin sounds too different not to want!

  24. I would love to try Cinnamon Raisin Swirl!

  25. I already follow you 🙂

  26. So would love to try Dark Chocolate Dream!!

  27. I’m subscribed through Word Press! But I’ve been subscribed through Google Reader for a while now! Love your blog!!

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  29. Just posted about your giveaway!!

  30. I would like the bee’s knees.
    or white chocolate wonder.
    or mighty maple.
    or crunch time or old fashion crunchy.
    OMG! or a baking mix!! yes a baking mix!
    no a jar of nut butter!
    or marshmellow fluff NOT!
    I want any of them I think! great giveaway 🙂

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  32. I posted a link but I don’t know if it counts so don’t count it if it doesn’t bc it’s just a paragraph as a link to your blog really.

    PS: I think I want the cinnamon one now

  33. Oooh yummy! I am seriously a peanut butter addict. I would love the cinnamon because we cannot get them anywhere up here ahh.

  34. I’m also subscribing to your blog. 🙂

  35. […] a couple great giveaways going on now! first, an amazing pb&co giveaway is happening over at thefitacademic blog. and anne from fANNEtastic food is holding an giveaway for attune food coupons. stop by and check […]

  36. oh, gosh! did you see I just tried pb&co the other day?! I want to try the cinnamon raisin swirl so bad… I can’t find it anywhere!

    • soooo goood – seriously just like dessert!

  37. I also subscribe! 🙂

  38. AND you’ll have a mention in today’s post!

  39. […] GET ON OVER TO MY GIVEAWAY! Last day to enter! […]

  40. Hands down….Dark Chocolate Dreams. 🙂 Followed closely by the Cinnamon Swirl.

  41. awesome giveaway! i have been dying to try the cinnamon raisin. 🙂

  42. Oooh, I’ve tried the cinnamon raisin and it is like frosting!
    I want to try the white chocolate!

  43. I ALWAYS have Dark Choco Dreams in my cupboard. It’s a good/bad thing because Im addicted. I’d love to win it though!

  44. I would be thrilled to win ANY of them. How awesome!

  45. Fun giveaway! I’ve heard I would fall in love with the White Chocolate Wonderful but I can’t ever find it!

  46. I have yet to try the white chocolate wonderful one! THat’s what I would want 😉

    I have an unopened jar of the raisin one in my dorm room! But an open one of dcd so i gots to finish that first… life is difficult 😉

    • haha, you have way more self control than I do! I bust into multiple jars at once just depending on what I’m in the mood for (and often times I’ll have 1 slice toast with 1 thing and a 2nd with something else)

  47. I already subscribe to your blog 🙂

  48. Dark chocolate dreams!!!

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