Posted by: thefitacademic | February 15, 2011

V-day & Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey guys! Sorry so little love this weekend! It’s been busy! And then yesterday I ended up having a great time, but everything we did was later in the day, so I didn’t have a chance to post afterwards. So here’s a quick run-down:


Fresh rosemary from the yard


And another try at pop-overs (with herbs!)




Some corn & avocado salsa (half from a jar/half home-made)


Veggie and chicken kabobs



A little bit of LOVE



Lots of work in the morning (very productive, considering I took the day “off”)

Then a beautiful hike in the most gorgeous weather we’ve had in months! It was 76 degrees with a slight breeze. Amazing!


We set off on Brown Mountain Trail

There were some regular cacti like this


and this


But then there were also weird, trippy cacti that look like they’re straight out of Dr. Suess’ imagination!

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Rocky had a great time


That is, if you ignore the fact that within the first 5 minutes he stepped on a giant piece of cactus that had fallen from Exhibit B, above. It was a whole dramatic ordeal that also resulted in Chris becoming impaled several times in his hand while he was helping with the extraction. We almost turned back. Almost.  But the boys put on their brave faces and we went forward. And thank goodness we did because it was AMAZING!


This was like the stairway to heaven. The mountain was STEEP and it seemed NEVER-ENDING! It was rough there for a minute.


When we got to the top we took a water break and had some snacks that I had brought along:  a little trail mix and a banana

PICT3243Amazing view of the valley!


Worth every step up that mountain-side!

When we returned home, there was some Sushi-Making to get to!

I had pre-chopped lots of veggies


asparagus, red bell pepper, carrots


Onions and jalapenos to be fried tempura style for a little crunch


Plus sushi-grade ahi tuna, avocado, cream cheese, sesame seeds & chia seeds for on top, and the nori, of course.


Chris started us out with #1. This is only the second time we’ve made sushi, and the first time was an entire year ago! It’s been way too long!


Rolling it up like a champ


We needed some celebratory bubbly (mine was “watered” down with OJ)


The finished product – just like pros!





And we even had cute little sushi plates with specks of wasabi (my FAVE!)


(Sorry I didn’t think to snap the pic on my first bite, so the plate is already soiled from previous sushi pieces)

All-in-all, it was an AMAZING time – EXACTLY what I had wanted and hoped for. Last year Chris surprised me with an entire house full of balloons all romantic-style.


We are NOT romantic people by nature. A hike is more up our alley!

And really, it’s not about what you do – it’s about who you’re with, right? And I love sharing the ride! Happy Tuesday, y’all! Hope your week is off on the right foot!



  1. Poor Rocky!

    That is some good looking sushi! I am impressed!

    • Yeah – he didn’t act like it really affected him, but Chris said it was pretty painful!

  2. Sounds like such a fun and adventurous Valentine’s Day! Those cacti are pretty crazy! Kind of like a Salvatore Dali painting. Props on making homemade sushi! I’ve heard it’s pretty difficult!

  3. WOW, those popovers look fantastic!!

  4. What a fun hike! We had planned to go for a long walk but it was pouring last night! Your pup looks so cute!

  5. What a fun Valentine’s day! I am soo impressed that you guys made sushi. I really do want to attempt making it. I just need to jump in and give it a try!

  6. Sounds great! We made our own sushi last year and had a blast! I wish we had hiking weather but we usually go on my first hike on my bday weekend! REALLY looking forward to it. 🙂

    • aww, what a fun way to celebrate your b-day!

  7. Oooo, rice OUT on the sushi… very pro!! 😀

  8. ahhhh sooo much in this post! =) love it!

    I have never thought of putting chia seeds on sushi — you’re a genius I love it! =) Totally need to pick up some chia seeds anyways! Just need to find them in my healthy wasteland of a town… they don’t even have quinoa here! boo!

    Looks like a fabulous adventure with good eats ❤ Glad you had a blast! ❤

  9. My husband and I LOVE hiking!
    The kabobs & sushi both look so good. Glad you had a great Valentine’s Day!

  10. Your sushi looks great! As in, well made…I don’t eat sushi!

    Jealous of your hike! I love hiking, but don’t have anywhere nearby to hike 😦

  11. your valentine’s day looks awesome!!! i can’t believe you made that sushi yourselves! it seriously looks like what i would get in a restaurant. nice work!

  12. This is my idea of a perfect valetine’s day, hike and sushi. Can’t get any better, I am glad you had a nice day!

  13. All those eats look pretty darn good!!!! I wish we had a hike like that around here!

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