Posted by: thefitacademic | February 12, 2011

A good kind of binge…

Not the kind that Charlie Sheen is known to frequently make


Not the kind that the contestants from The Biggest Loser try to battle


Nope. There are all kinds of binges and lately, I have been on a VEGGIE binge!

I’m trying to eat fewer refined carbs (it’s hard – I love my bread!!), but ya know how when you try to wean yourself off something and then all the sudden you have mad-crazy cravings for it?! Yeah – I’ve been wanting me some carbs lately.

So I’m taking baby steps.

Like yesterday for lunch. I accidentally forgot my pre-packed lunch at home on my morning rush to get out the door (doh!) so I opted for some Chinese. So many unhealthy choices (soooo delicious!) What’s a girl to do?

I ordered a 2 item meal:  gave into the Coconut Chicken as one item, but got beef and broccoli for the other. And, instead of noodles or rice I asked for a side of mixed veggies (which basically ended up being a ton of broccoli and just a few carrots, but it’s okay b/c I love broccoli)


A sick amount, right! I had leftovers, but accidentally left them in the fridge at school…maybe I’ll drop by sometime to scoop them up – I LOVE leftover Chinese!

Then, for dinner Chris & I hit up a little local sandwich place. Yes, yes – lots of carbs in bread form – but I did opt for whole wheat. And for some reason I still felt like I needed more veg, so instead of my usual chicken sammy, I opted for the veggie: bell pepper, onion, guacamole, lettuce, sprouts, and hemp cream cheese (which tasted like “normal” cream cheese with chives….don’t know what’s so different about it). Sorry no pic – but it was delish!

And then for lunch today – all I want are more veggies! Seriously, what is up with me right now? I decided to go with it.

I sautéed up some onion and green bell pepper (the very last bit of one we had on hand, that’s why there’s so little bell pepper)


I simultaneously microwaved a Green Giant antioxidant blend veggie medley (this is my favorite frozen veggie medley…and I’ve tried a LOT of different kinds!)


While this was going on I boiled some water and threw some whole wheat spaghetti in the pot (yes – more refined carbs, but at least I’m trying to select whole wheat varieties!)


Grabbed a bowl and threw in my veg


Added the noodles and gave it a toss


And because I was craving a little something nutty, I plopped a giant spoon-full of almond butter in the mix, and let it melt from the heat of the veg & noodles.


Ready to DEVOUR!

And I think I’ve decided something a little epic (but I change my mind all the time so we’ll see…) I want to try doing the FULL P90X program starting in the beginning of March. I’ve done P90X before, but it’s always been mixed into my other workouts and I’ve mainly used the videos to supplement when I don’t want to go for a run or the gym, etc.

I’ve been wanting to give the real full program a shot for awhile now, but it’s so time consuming that I haven’t made it a real priority. I’m not saying I might not change my mind (or change my workouts occasionally), but I want to get this out there in the bloggosphere because hopefully it will keep me accountable and I can revisit the extent to which I want to do P90X (full gorilla, or mix & match what works for me), come the beginning of March.

All I know is that since I stopped doing P90X (I was doing it in prep for my November ‘10 wedding) and have been in a routine of pretty much only doing cardio (despite my efforts to up my weights – doh!), I feel like I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass. Well – I don’t just feel like it….I have for sure (remember I’ve mentioned the fancy scale that I’ve got that measures % body fat and BMI in addition to weight? yeah….it doesn’t lie).

I’m the same weight, doing the same cardio, but I want to bring that muscle definition back into my life. If P90X was the thing making it work for me, then I want to give it another shot and see where it goes.

Today the boys are out of my hair house while they try to finish up a flooring job they’ve been working on. It’s been nice to have peace and quiet around – I’ve gone on a nice run, and now I’m cleaning, doing laundry, and working on some lectures for the next couple weeks. Fun little Saturday. Maybe I’ll sneak in a nap – who knows!? Winking smile

Have you tried P90X before?

How do you motivate yourself to do strength training? Any favorite kinds?



  1. I’ve heard great things about P90X! I’ve never tried it though. My only way to motivate myself for good weight training is to watch TV while I’ll do it. 🙂 I have to admit that lugging the baby around in my main form of upper body work at the moment!

    • hey – that totally counts! And I definitely agree about watching TV while doing it! I LOVE using that trick! : )

  2. My strength training thus far has consisted of lugging around my 5 year old (He cant walk).. BUT even that isnt enough.. As he gets heavier I feel myself getting weaker (ok, maybe not weaker, but unable to keep up)..

    I really really need to find some motivation or strength training.

    Ive never done P90X but would love to try it sometime.

    And I love vegetables. My mom tells me sometimes that I could live off of them because I eat so much.

  3. i love those green giant frozen veggies 🙂
    i haven’t done P90X. it kinda skeers me! LOL!
    i do love weight training even though it’s been a while.
    i like full body sessions where you hit all the major muscle groups in complex exercises. the hardest weight exercise i’ve ever done was a bulgarian squat. i have a love/hate relationship with them 🙂

    • bulgarian squat? I’ll have to google that!

  4. P90X is on my list of challenges but I have so many that it’s hard to decide when to do it! Mmmm . . . I love broccoli. That’s definitely a good binge!

    • Oh and for strength I like Jillian but have been focusing on Body for Life right now!

      • I LOVE Jillian! Haven’t tried Body for Life, but I’ve been hearing good things!

  5. I’ve never done p90x but I’ve heard it’s rather intense! I’m not a huge strength trainer, just some basic weight lifting. I always do my cardio first which puts me in a great mood and then move on to weights.

  6. Never tried p90x, but it sounds pretty intense! A veggie binge is definitely the best kind of binge out there!

  7. My best friend was a Duke tennis recruit, and I make her force me to the gym to do strength training…otherwise…I’d “forget” it.

  8. I have no idea what p90x is 🙂

    • oh buddy! Keep reading – you’ll find out soon enough ; )

  9. Veggie binge sounds good to me!
    I have not tried P90X but I have friends who have and I am definitely interested!
    I get motivated for strength training by going to classes at the gym, like Body Pump! I also workout to DVDs in the comfort of my home.

  10. Oooo girl, good luck on the P90X endeavor! I’ve been way too much of a wuss to try it! 😉

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