Posted by: thefitacademic | February 10, 2011

The snack that puts other snacks to shame!!!!

Today I made something delicious. Amazing. Irresistible. And yet so simple! You must make it too!

I was inspired by Janetha’s peanut butter sandwiches, which I saw on Christin’s blog a little while back. Then I saw Aylin’s banana chocolate dunks and I knew I was onto something wonderful!

So, I took a regular old banana – nothing special – and I cut it in half long-ways (like a hot dog, not a hamburger) Open-mouthed smile

Banana Reeses Fake-Out


I slathered one side with almond butter, then topped with the other half & cut into bite-sized pieces like so


Then I took some dark chocolate chips and melted in the microwave, heating in intervals of about 15-20 seconds, then stirring, then another 15-20 seconds, etc. (this keeps it from burning)


AND THEN…..(drumroll)……..



nom nom nom


Every bit as good as it sounds/looks. About 2 minutes from conception of idea to mouth!

Eat you some tonight!!!

What’s your favorite go-to snack?



  1. mmm I like a banana with PB and nuts sprinkled on top! or a banana paired with triscuits and sharp cheddar cheese. =)

    • mmm – i’ve never tried a banana on triscuit with cheese! I’ve got all that stuff on hand – maybe i’ll have it as a snack tomorrow!

  2. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, lady! And thanks for the link love ❤

  3. Ahhhh, these look so good! I wish I had a fresh banana to make these with. I have a serious need for a snack right now!

  4. When I’m craving savory, definitely some chips & veggies with hummus.
    When the sweet tooth is kickin’, it’s gotta be something with choc + PB 🙂

  5. Your description of cutting the banana (like a hot dog, not a hamburger) seriously made me laugh out loud!! This idea is genius! Need to try it! My favorite go-to snack is either a yogurt bowl with honey/granola or some raw veggies with hummus or peanut butter.

    • haha – can’t say i made it up. That’s the way teachers would describe to fold paper in half when I was in elementary school. Did you ever have teachers use that jargon? : )

  6. Yummy!!! This totally beats my idea for covering a twinkie in chocolate 🙂 Now I just wish I had more bananas!

  7. I love this!! I’ve been slathering my bananas in nut butter for a while and it never gets old!!

  8. Yum! Those look great 🙂 Lately my go to snack has been anything dipped in hummus or peanut butter!!

  9. Anything that has peanut butter and chocolate is good in my book!

  10. Gah, if it weren’t already 11pm, I totally would eat these tonight! All my bananas are frozen… I forsee ice cream butter banana chocolate bites 😉

  11. I loooooove bananas and almond butter-such a perfect combo!

  12. yum! the ONLY way i’ll eat bananas is with peanut butter. adding chocolate totally make it so much better. what doesn’t chocolate make better?? 😉
    love your post on my blog about everyone knowing how to swim! i totally agree. i grew up in a town with a lake and a state with 10s of thousands of lakes, so i thought everyone knew how to swim. it was so weird once i went off to college to meet people who didn’t know how. it blew me away.

  13. Shut up. This looks fantastic. My favorite snack right now is a flatout with almond butter and a few chocolate chips folder over like a ‘dilla!!!

  14. I bet that was amazing!! What a great idea!
    My go-tos are generally just plain fruit or a granola bar! Your idea is much better!

  15. pita and hummus or apple and yogurt:)

  16. oh that does look like a great snack – I usually just go for a handful of almonds of banana and pb!

  17. I like to start the day with toast, cherry with brandy spread(the alchohol is boiled off of course), chunky peanut butter, caramel spread, and slices of bananas.
    I think I’ll try slicing the bananas like your snack, though, because the round pieces had a tendency to fall sometimes.
    Your recipes are super creative!

  18. I love anything almond-butter… or anything banana… or anything chocoalte…

    SOOOO yeah that sounds like a winner 😉

  19. That looks delicious!!!! My favorite snack on the go is an apple and some butter toffee almonds or a Granola bar!

    • butter toffee almonds? That sounds amazing!!!

  20. YUM! I would make it with peanut butter because I’m a peanut butter and banana fanatic 🙂

    In fact, I would say that’s my “go to” snack!

  21. PB, banana and chocolate are a trio made in heaven!

  22. […] I made a variation of my Banana Reese’s Fake-Out. So get […]

  23. Oh my gosh I have to try this!!! It sounds so good!

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