Posted by: thefitacademic | February 9, 2011

Winner winner – steak (salad) dinner!

This week has been working out for me!

Yesterday I got home to a totally cleaned house, dishes done, Rocky’s hair cut and washed, clean car, oil changed, etc. etc. etc. I was blown away! Today I come home and find out that my bathroom has been totally redone! The floors, normally this totally hideous linoleum (we’re renters – what can ya do?)PICT3150

have been transformed into WOOD!!!


And not just any wood – a deep, rich, cherry mahogany wood!PICT3152



Don’t you just want to lay on it and do snow angels? No? Just me? Whatevs – you’re just jealous Winking smile

See, the hubbs does wood floors for a living. I guess he had some extra wood from his last job. Today he was off work while waiting for wood to be delivered for another job so I guess he and the bro-in-law got a wild hair to re-do our bathroom. My hubbs is a wood-flooring guy…the bro-in-law is a plumber = Sweet Bathroom Redo FREE!!!

I don’t know what has gotten into them, but let’s knock on wood (or the bathroom floor!!!) that things keep up this way! Open-mouthed smile

One thing that did NOT work out for me today were these whole wheat popovers that I tried to make. I changed the recipe a little and something did NOT work out. I’m going to try again soon though, tweak a couple things, and see how it goes.

So instead we just had steak salads with green apples, blue cheese crumbles, carrots, mushrooms, and a little cabbage.


And instead of the delicious homemade roll I thought I would be enjoying, I had another blueberry muffin




  1. I love blue cheese! I’ve only had it in restaurants. I need to buy some to enjoy at home!

  2. Beautiful floors – yes, floors can be beautiful! 🙂

  3. Grats on the nice wood floor….it is beautiful!

  4. yay for the new flooring!! The steak salads look delicious!

  5. The floors look amazing! Cherry wood is my favorite! I’ve never added steak to a salad before, but I’m sure it’s delicious!

  6. I woke up to the dishes having been put away, which is saying a lot for my guy, so I’ll take it! 😉 Love those floors!

    • woohoo!! Putting the dishes away is one of my LEAST favorite things to do. That and folding/putting clothes away! Cleaning is so much better & easier than puttin the stuff up….at least to me.

  7. Yep!! Im totally jealous of your new floor!!!! I bet your landlord will be happy with you. Im a renter with horrible rented floors too :/

    I dont eat steak but that salad looks delicious!

  8. Nice work on the flooring.

    I love it when a salad can capture all the flavors of a full dish. Not a steak eater, but looking at the picture it looks quite good!

  9. If they ever get bored and want to come do MY bathroom, that would be ok too 🙂

    That salad looks fantastic!

  10. i’m so jealous! My fiance will demo things with no intention of fixing it!!!!

    • haha, well i’ve had my share of that too : )

  11. Those floors look awesome! I love wood! I have ugly linoleum right now and I would love to change it out.
    Salad looks delish!

  12. wow! that husband + brother-in-law combo is a keeper! your floors look awesome. 🙂

  13. Floors and bathroom look great!!!! That’s awesome he can get leftover flooring!!! Send some our way as I have a whole 3rd floor I want redone!!!! lol!

    Salad sounds great too – healthy ….and the muffin – PERFECT! 🙂

  14. the home improvements look great!

  15. omg the wood floors look amazing!!! did chris do that?!?!? that’s awesome!!

    • Yep – Chris & Adam. I told you he coulda helped ya out! Are yours all finished up yet?

      • kind of. there is still one area that i have to put one more coat of clear polyurethane. I know he could have helped…and trust me…i would have rather him do it than me :)…but alas…my parents believe that i am cheap, free labor…and to them that is a lot better than having to pay someone :(…they did a great job! did he start his own company up there? is that why adam is up there…to help out? i just got back home late Friday night around 11 from CA for work…i haven’t seen Matt in literally about 3 weeks…so this weekend i am RELAXING!!!!…work has been pretty stressful this year to say the least…i do not have time for anything….sorry i have been a horrible friend…i am stressed to the max.

  16. Love your wood floors! Good work by your husband!

    I posted a pop over recipe last week that has always been fabulous!! two other readers have since made it and said it was a hit with their whole family so maybe you should check it out!!

  17. Absolutely with you it agree. Idea good, I support.

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