Posted by: thefitacademic | February 8, 2011

A little pizza pizzazz!

Wow! The last couple days I’ve been at school until LATE! Strangely, though, I’ve kind of enjoyed it! I’ve been really productive and have been able to exercise some creativity, which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. I’ve come home feeling pumped up rather than wiped out – it’s a good change!

So yesterday I tackled muffins & a shadowbox, today I had my eyes set on a little bit cheesier goal.  Literally.

DIY Pizzas!!!

I stopped by Trader Joe’s for some supplies (pizza dough – garlic & herb flavor, and TJ’s own pizza sauce). Then I came home and got to work right away! Chris pitched in – helping stretch out the dough & apply just the right amount of cheese. We made 2 different kinds:  a pepperoni, and a BBQ chicken.


Chris working on the pepperoni


Leaving one side mostly-cheese for me Open-mouthed smile

The chicken – leftovers from this weekend’s party


And bacon:  2 slices turkey and 3 slices “regular”


Prepping the BBQ chicken



BBQ chicken with bacon



My slices:


It’s okay, guys, I had a side-salad not pictures & I ate a TON of veg with lunch today! : )

In other news, Rocky got another hair-cut today! Looks like a whole new dog!PICT3141

If you have a pet – do you take it to be groomed, do it yourself, or just not groom?



  1. I love that garlic & herb flavored pizza dough from Trader Joe’s – and it’s so cheap! Their whole wheat kind is also really good.

    We make homemade pizza a lot because it’s so simple and absolutely delicious! Your BBQ chicken pizza sounds amazing. Hope you’re having a great night!

    • I know, right?! I don’t know how TJ’s keeps their prices so low! That dough is delish!

  2. My babies don’t really need to be groomed other than an occasional bath and brushing… I love the dog smell though so I don’t bathe them unless they really need it… I know I’m odd! 😉

  3. Yum! I seriously love the TJs pizza dough/sauce. Mine never looks quite that good..but taste is all that matters right? 🙂 No pets for me!

  4. I heart pizza. I haven’t tried the TJs stuff, will have to put that on the list. We have a mini goldendoodle, she’s 6 months old, so we haven’t had her groomed yet, but I know the day is coming and it makes me kind of sad. 😦 I like her shaggy little coat.

  5. Pizza at home is the best! I love TJ’s dough, but I find it really hard to roll out. It’s totally worth it, though 🙂

    • I know, right!? I always make Chris do it. Although, to be fair, the directions say to take it out of the package & let it sit for 20 minutes first and we NEVER wait! Maybe that makes a difference? Do you wait?

  6. Homemade pizzas are the best, and bbq chicken flavor is amazing on a pizza! Wish I could help you on the pet thing. Unfortunately, I’ve never had one 😦

  7. Yum pizza looks great. It’s on the menu for me to make tonight too. Can’t wait!

  8. Love homemade pizzas-they’re the best:)
    I take my dog to get groomed and am ridic nervous for the whole 5 hours (why does it take that long?)…never know what he’s going to look like when he’s done!

    • whoa – 5 hours!? It totally doesn’t take that long! I used to work at Petsmart when I was younger & I know people would wait there while their dogs were groomed – like 45 minutes or so…. maybe look for another place??

  9. I usually get Peanut groomed when she’s boarding, or else I take her to the Petco and pay the 10 bucks to use their tubs and supplies. It’s a great deal because I don’t have to clean up 🙂

    • wow, i didn’t even know Petco had such a thing! What a great idea!

  10. homemade pizza is pretty much all i can do until i find a gluten/dairy/egg/corn free kind of pizza restaurant. i haven’t tried to hard to find one, but this is seattle, i KNOW there’s at least one.
    we take our dog to get groomed. the frugality nazi in me hates that. she could be bathed and clipped at home 90% of the time, but hubby insists on taking her somewhere to have it done.
    oh well.

  11. Our dogs are supposed to have longish hair so they don’t need grooming. We bathe them at home. We did take our Sheltie to get groomed and he was so pretty! Groomers do a great job!

  12. When I was younger, I used to groom my dog myself, only i quickly learned I was allergic to the dog shampoo and essentially dealt with an itchy rash because of it!

  13. oooh that pizza looks great!

  14. High five for mostly cheese! Cheese is just the awesomest on pizza (although I actually can’t remember the last time I had pizza. It could honestly have been a decade ago!!!)

    • yeah, I don’t like heavy on the meat. Usually I prefer some veggies, but it was the day before grocery day, so we were down to almost nothing! (nothing that would go on a pizza anyway – carrots, celery, etc.)

  15. i think you’re taunting me with those cheesy pizzas!

    my fiance and i don’t really groom our dog. the closest he gets is baths and long brushing sessions!

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