Posted by: thefitacademic | February 3, 2011

Green Monster

But not the good kind. In fact, no smoothies at all (it’s way too cold for a frozen beverage right now!) No, I’m talking about the kind of green-headed monster that rears its ugly head when I get JEALOUS of someone or something.

Today, I’m super jealous of the seemingly ENDLESS snow-days for what feels like the entire country! I mean, I’m not jealous of the blizzard – don’t get me wrong. But, it’s just NOT FAIR that so many of my Texas friends are getting out of work & school simply due to WIND! There’s not even snow, people!

And here, in Tucson, this morning I woke up to discover that a central pipe has frozen over, leaving hundreds with NO RUNNING WATER!!! The “low” was forecast at 20 degress….well it’s only 18 right now, so clearly the weather man was off! And yet, somehow I’ve got to put on my big girl pants and trudge in to work! Boo!

Although, (trying to see the silver lining), my house is super old so it originally didn’t have a heater. The only thing to heat the entire house is this tiny little contraption which effectively works like a fireplace…’s warm if you’re right up close to it. If you’re more than 3 feet away, you can’t even feel it.


So, at least going to work involves being in a heated building (except for yesterday – when the heat was broken for half the day….very fun).

Oh, right, and Chris & his brother went to work super early, so I’ve gotta bike to school in this weather. Horrific. Thankfully I have enough flexibility that I can wait to go in until noon when the sun is peaking up and it’s hopefully up in the high 30’s (above freezing!)

In the meantime, I’ve started a crock pot meal (more on that tomorrow, I’m sure) and Rocky and I are all bundled up. Here’s a little glimpse of how we fared last night.PICT3082

This is my bro-in-law, all bundled up on the couch


Note how he’s burrowed into the couch, creating a little nest out of pillows, throw blankets, & jackets

And then I walk into the bedroom to see this (Don’t judge that the bed wasn’t made yesterday!)


Can you spot Rocky in a little nest all his own?

Here’s a better angle:


Also all huddled up surrounded by pillows and blankets.PICT3086

Why so many pictures, Mom? That flash is disturbing!


Do you want to come cuddle with me, too?

So now I’ve gotta buckle down & get some things taken care of before my fingers fall off from frostbite I go in to work.

Do you get a snow day, or are you still being forced to go into work/school?



  1. I never get a snow day, but my job is taking care of the baby, so it’s not so bad 🙂 I really like when my husband gets a snow day and he gets to stay home! Unfortunately, the base here NEVER closes, so he’s always stuck driving through snow and ice to get to work. At least he has a pick up truck!

  2. We got TWO snow days this week! My work closes if the community college right nearby closes. Usually the college is the only school left open so this week was a treat!

  3. I work from home, so snow days don’t affect my ability to get things done (unfortunately!). Girl, I wish I lived closer so I could drive you to work!!!

    • aww thanks! It ended up not being so bad – it was still below freezing at noon when I headed in, but I was all bundled up & the exertion from biking actually kept me quite warm! Plus, Chris is going to pick me up when he gets out of work around 5ish, so I don’t have to bike home : )

  4. haha so strangely enough, we had like 60 degree weather here in VA yesterday. It was weird how warm it was! So no snow days for me!

  5. No snow here in California. I will say that I’m a little jealous of the snow days people are enjoying. I don’t miss the snow – but I miss the feeling being told you get the day off!!

  6. I’m from Edmonton so we live in the snow and cold. They never cancel anything; even when the roads are treacherous; we just grin and suck it up 🙂

    Bike Safe and I hope your office is toasty warm.

  7. Here in Oklahoma we’ve had snow days for the past 2 days. I’m over it! I was ready to go back to work today until strep took me out. Darn it! Your bro-in-law and doggie definitely have the right idea!

    • oh no!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Lots of liquids!

  8. No snow here so no snow days 😦

    Enjoy all the cuddling!

  9. I had to go in to work today, but I got to work from yesterday which was so nice. Loved be able to work in my pajamas!

  10. No snow days here, it is pretty cold but Im guessing nothing compared to your level of coldness… However my teacher was sick today, so class was canceled. Score! Too bad I still have a night class though 😦

  11. no water!?! best of luck with getting to the weekend! you’ll look back and laugh one day

  12. Well I’m in Cali and we have no snow or cold ot speak of soooo no snow days here either 😉 lol.

    beautiful beautiful beautiful puppy!!!

  13. i wish I had a snow day and didn’t have to fight traffic!

  14. no snow day here! i don’t think my college will everrrr close.

  15. wow! looks like you have a house full!! you are one strong woman!! i couldn’t do it–people staying at the house for like a week starts to stress me out…..looks like you are doing great!

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