Posted by: thefitacademic | January 26, 2011

I’ve been cheating!!!

Is it weird to feel like you’re cheating…on your job???

That’s kind of how I feel right now! Last night my brain was complete mush! I ended up deciding not to do the work I’d planned on accomplishing. Instead, I went to my very first Spin Class! My school’s gym offered a free Intro to Spin & since I’ve set my mind on doing a triathlon this summer, I decided I better get into good spin-shape! It was my first class ever, so I’m glad I did the Intro class, because the instructor did a really thorough job of walking us all through how to adjust the bike and everything. Once it was all said and done (due to the instruction), we were only spinning for about 40 minutes, but afterwards I was WIPED OUT! Two girls actually left the class in the middle – they couldn’t cut it! I knew spin is notoriously difficult, but I was really amazed at the amount of sweat dripping from my face! Let’s just say I wasn’t real cute afterwards!

And tonight I’ve got dinner plans with a few people, so it’s probably going to be ANOTHER night of “cheating” on school! What can I say? My boss is gone until next Monday and when the cat’s away the mice will play, right? In honesty, I really do plan to crank out a bunch more work this weekend (Chris comes back Sunday night, so I’ll have all weekend to work). I’ve got a long and optimistic list of things I want to get done so we’ll see how it all pans out. In the meantime, I’m taking a couple of nights “off.”

So in addition to doing my first spin class, last night I made one of the tastier dinners I have had in a LONG TIME (remember how I’ve been having chicken pot pie for a  week?) Open-mouthed smile

I made homemade cod fingers & flax-encrusted sweet potato balls



(Recipe for balls – and photo – by Caitlin)

Cod was on sale at the farmer’s market so I took the opportunity to scoop some up!

Parmesan Cod Fingers


I started by cutting a long filet of cod into smaller “finger” sized pieces. Then I made one bowl with a milk & egg mixture, and a separate bowl with  flour (I used a mix of wheat & regular), italian herbs, and some freshly grated parmesan cheese.

I dredged the fingers in the egg/milk mixture, and then into the flour & coated evenly. Meanwhile, I had a skillet with oil on the stove heating. Once the cod was all floured, I placed the pieces into the skillet with oil and cooked on each side until golden brown.PICT3023

When it was done I let them dry on a paper towel & pulled my flax-encrusted sweet potato balls from the oven. I plated them together and served with two dipping sauces: a ketchup for the cod fingers, and a mustard for the balls


The inside of the ball just looked like straight sweet potato, but I swear there were lots of black beans!


It really tasted amazing! I was so surprised that I cooked such a tasty meal (lots of times my meals end up……mediocre, shall we say?)


1 large fillet of Atlantic Cod (or other white fish)

1/8 cup whole wheat flour

1/8 cup flour

1/8 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese

1 egg

1/2 cup milk

1/2 Tbs. Italian herb seasoning

salt & pepper to taste


Cut up the cod into “finger” sized pieces. In a small bowl, combine milk & egg & whisk to combine. In a separate, medium sized bowl, combine both flours, the cheese, seasoning, and salt & pepper.

Heat a medium sized skillet over medium heat with oil, enough to liberally coat the bottom of the pan. Meanwhile, dip cod into the milk/egg mixture, and then into the flour mixture, being sure to coat evenly. Place into the skillet and cook, rotating to cook each side until golden brown. Let dry on a paper towel.

This morning I was looking around for Rocky trying to find where he was hiding. Discovered him basking in the sun outside


Does anyone else just well up with LOVE when they see their child dog really happy, just totally enjoying life?  No?  Yeah….me neither!



You know what else makes me well up with love really happy? These guys!PICT3008

Super plump, juicy, and ON SALE! Score!

And now I’m out the door!

Have you ever cooked with ground flax before? Do you buy it in seed-form or pre-ground?

I got mine in seed form & had to grind it myself – a total pain since I don’t have a coffee grinder!!! Another lesson learned, along with my almond butter! Winking smile



  1. I tried a spin class for this first time last summer and it kills! In a good way! 🙂

    • I know! I love the “good burn” from working out! : )

  2. I buy my flax seed ground already – maybe I’m just lazy?? 🙂

    I’m gonna have to try those sweet potato/flax/black bean balls!

  3. I’ve never cooked with flax before! I totally should… its so amazingly healthy! ❤

    and I need to get back into spin classes now that you mention it! It wrecks my knees but is so envigorating!

  4. Holy awesome dinner batman! I love the cod fingers, and the sweet potato balls are super bookmarked! I love ground flax, and I hear it tastes much better freshly ground, but I bought a giant bag of pre-ground at Costco and it gets the job done! 🙂 And I too have proud mama moments when the dogs are all smiley and enjoying their happy little dog lives! All the time 🙂

  5. Those sweet potato balls look great!

  6. Wow, I’m really impressed that cook while your other half is away. I just eat cereal and pb&js when he’s gone. Or if I’m feeling fancy, I made a pita pizza. My main goal when he’s gone is to do no dishes 🙂

    I’ve heard so many good things about spin, but I didn’t like it. It hurt my “lady parts” too much…maybe if I tried it with a banana seat I’d be better off, lol

    • I’ve only really cooked a couple “real” meals – and both meals have been things that I enjoy that the hubbs hates….i take advantage of the time when he’s gone to make stuff that I know he wouldn’t eat : )
      And in terms of spin – I’ve heard there are seat paddings you can buy to put on that help (and also you can buy padded bike shorts if you’re serious about it)

  7. Sweet potato balls?! Yes please 🙂

  8. I’ve never used flax before, but my sis does all the time. The sweet potato balls look yummy! Great job on the spin class!

  9. i love cooking with flaxseed! i’ve been buying pre-ground, but after reading ashley’s (from the edible perspective) comparison of pre-ground to freshly ground flax, i plan to grind my own from now on! (also i just got a coffee grinder for my bday, so that helps!)

  10. Flax encrusted sweet potato balls?! 😀

    • I know – sounds kinda weird, but they were totally amazing!

  11. Yum those balls look delicious! Sweet potato and black beans are a great combo.

  12. I love cheating on work 🙂

    That meal looks awesome. I’ve never cooked cod at home and don’t know why. I like it at restaurants and this looks fabulous so I need to get on that train.

    I love cooking with flax! I buy it ground at Trader Joe’s or buy Bobs Red Mill.

  13. I haven’t tried flax seeds yet! That and chia seeds are still foreign to me. 🙂

  14. Spinning is SO hard! I always leave the class drenched (I hardly ever go though!). I havent tried cooking with flax seeds but I used to put the ground version on my oats. I love sweet potatoes though and those balls look great!

  15. Glad you liked spinning-it never gets any easier bc you can always challenge yourself!!!!
    I’ve never cooked anything with flax except flax crackers (not ground). I love the idea of the sweet potato balls-genius!

  16. I love love love flaxseeds! I buy mine whole and grind them myself about once every few weeks. Coffee grinders rock for grinding the flax! You dinner looked good! I’m now craving your fish!

  17. Hey doll! I was super disappointed when the squash didn’t taste like cucumber! haha! It was really similar to a milder version of butternut! Less sweet (but still sweet enough to be delish) and more savory. I wish I took pictures of my first dish but I ate it like it was going out of style. haha

    I am thinking about making soup with the rest of it! no clue what to make today. ahhh eaters block is worse than writers block!

    • haha, very true! & I totally know what you mean about eating something all up before you get a chance to take a pic! Oops!

  18. […] Although I would consider myself to be pretty well versed in running & swimming, I’m VERY new to cycling. Like, brand spanking new. I have a road bike that I use for transportation to & from school, but it’s more like “riding” than “cycling.” In fact, I’ve only been to a single cycling class EVER! […]

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