Posted by: thefitacademic | January 25, 2011

Just when you’re about to give up hope…

One of the (many) things I did this weekend included making my own nut butter!

I checked out a couple recipes online to see the general practice (not that hard, it’s basically nuts + food processor).

I started by spreading the almonds on a baking sheet, and sprinkling with cinnamon. Then I roasted until lightly browned, mixing them around on the sheet half way.PICT2968

Once done, I put them in my tiny little food processor (I only have 1 so no options there). It was fabulous. You have to hold the button down the entire time.



5 minutes in:


It begins by getting all fluffy. You just have to scrape down the sides & keep on processing. After awhile it becomes more compacted.

This was about 10 minutes in on my little processor (big ones will probably go a little faster!) I streamed in a little agave nectar (but you could use honey). I didn’t want to add oil (I’d seen recipes both with and without), but I threw in just a splash of water to give it a little more liquid.


I knew it was supposed to take a long time & from reading your comments from yesterday it sounds like that’s your experience, too (that’s where I got the title of the post)! Finally it started getting a little smoother.

15 minutes in:


And after just a few more minutes it was finally a creamy enough consistency that I could use as real official almond butter on my english muffin!PICT2998

And packed in a little to-go container as a snack with veggies for today at school


My final consensus…..

Tastes like “normal” nut butter. I know it was cheaper to buy whole almonds & make myself, but honestly, next time I think I’m going to save myself to 30 minutes and just spend $5 for nut butter that’s DONE!

Maybe I”ll try it again when I have a better, bigger food processor that you don’t have to stand by pressing “ON” the entire time Open-mouthed smile

Last night I finished up the rest of that chicken pot pie, paired with a side salad. I enjoyed having the pie, but I was ready for it to be GONE! See, I always eat leftovers. It’s not that I love them or something…’s more that I don’t want to be wasteful! Don’t get me wrong – I don’t hate leftovers, but after 5 days with pie….I was over it!PICT2959PICT2961

So you may have noticed on occasion that I have a series called “Ipod Downloads.” (You can check them out here, here or here.) Today I’m going to do a special edition of Ipod Downloads.

Ipod Downloads:  Podcast Edition

I listen to some amazing podcasts! Some of them you make know about, but others you may be unfamiliar with. If you have a spare moment or are bored and browsing iTunes, I highly recommend downloading a few episodes of the following podcasts (all totally 100% free!)

The Bobby Bones Show – This is a morning talk show from Austin, Texas. I’ve been listening for years and even since I’ve moved away, I continue to download episodes for when I’m getting ready in the mornings. The cast just has such a great dynamic they are really entertaining to listen to (FYI: it’s totally mindless)

This American Life – This show tells fascinating stories from the lives of average Americans. Each week focuses on a theme and will tell a variety of different peoples’ stories related to the theme. It’s wonderful for traveling (plane trips, car rides, etc.)

Cut The Fat Podcast – This show has slowed down as of late, but there’s an entire series of I think 28 or 30 episodes an hour a piece, so you can catch up on what you’ve missed. I LOVE this show because it’s done by highly trained individuals who have differing perspectives (one is a Ph.D., the other is a professional “fitness” model). It’s amazing because they tell you the science behind the way nutrition and exercise effect our bodies. They de-bunk the myths and diet fads and get to the heart of what will really make you fit!

Well, that oughta get you started Open-mouthed smile

And just FYI, I did get even more items crossed off of my weekend “To Do” List. And those items not quite complete (like finished ALL my lectures….I did several, but not all), I will continue to work on throughout the week. In all, here was my final listPICT3013

Almost everything is crossed off. Now I need to get on the rest of those to-do’s! Hope you all have a happy and productive day!

Do you listen to any really great podcasts??



  1. I was just talking to my husband this morning about how badly I want a food processor, so I can make my own nut butter!

  2. My husband listens to the BBC world news podcast daily and he loves it. I don’t listen to any, mostly because I hardly use my iPod anymore except when I’m running…and really, I don’t want to listen to analysis on the Ivory Coast debacle when I’m trying to sweat, that’s what the Black Eyed Peas are for 🙂

    I loved the title of your post 😛

  3. go oster go! I thought nut butter took even longer than that so I’m not sure! I don’t podcast but am thinking about starting so I can listen while I workout. I usually need something to keep my brain occupied but my eyes wander if I don’t have something to look at too

  4. I see all these bloggers making creamy nut butter in their food processors, but mine turned out like yours. I don’t get it! I need to give it another shot. 🙂

  5. I also made almond butter in my tiny processor the other night by holding the on button for an eternity, lol! Ridiculous, right?!

    Two friends of mine do a podcast, Dial-A-Stranger. They have a part on the website where you can submit a question, and a part where you can submit your phone number, and they call a stranger and ask them one of the submitted questions. It rocks 🙂

    • whoa, that sounds really cool – i’ll have to download it!

  6. oooh thanks for the reminder — I have to update my to-do list for the week and weekend! thanks girl!

    hooray homemade nut butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it wasn’t 100% worth the effort. I buy mine in bulk when It goes on sale b/c i’m suuuuper lazy about certain things.

  7. Wow, I never knew it took that long to make your own nut butter! I love This American Life too. We always used to listen to it in my college Interviewing course. 🙂

  8. wheereee is my comment? I have had so much trouble leaving comments today. I swear I left you one a few hours ago. I’ll leave another I guess. GOO Oster! you crush those almonds!

    • so weird! WordPress thought you were spam for some reason?!

  9. congrats on the nut butter! i think will more high-powered food processors it would work better. but, hey, at least you tried and it wasn’t a complete failure 🙂

  10. I need a new food processor. I am so dying to make my own nut butter!

  11. i was planning to get some podcasts! i have two 6-hour drives this weekend (to and from st. louis) and i’m getting a little sick of my music options! 🙂

  12. I need to try and make my own almond butter sometime! 😀 But I guess I need a food processor first. 🙂 haha.


  14. Glad you didn’t give up!
    I’ve only listened to mandatory pod casts (blaaaa) I’d love to find one I actually enjoy!

  15. I only have a teeny food processor too. I don’t think mine would be up for the job of making nut butter. It did baby food decently, and I think that’s the extent of its skills.

  16. Wow–homemade nut butter! Serious business 🙂

    I looove This American Life–thanks for the other podcast recommendations!

  17. […] it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Cut the Fat podcast! I just recently featured it as one of my favorite ipod downloads, but I’ve also referenced it before (check it out here and […]

  18. […] that you have to hold the button down on the entire time, a food processor like mine. Then Ashley did it too. And then Heather made almond butter using cocoa roast almonds, cocoa roast almonds like […]

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