Posted by: thefitacademic | January 21, 2011

Typical Day a la Ashley

Good morning! Today is going to be pretty intense. I don’t know what sadist does the scheduling for my department at the University of Arizona, but whomever it is (1) loves morning meetings, and (2) loves Friday meetings. I am literally in class and/or meetings with no breaks from 9:00am – 5:30pm today. Is that not ridiculous? By “no breaks” – we literally have about 5-10 minutes between meetings so we can run to the bathroom, but there’s not even a break for lunch! Most people bring their brown bags to the meetings and just eat during them (so at least we aren’t forced to skip lunch). But really though – today is going to be a marathon.

Luckily, if I can get through the day, the evening is actually going to be really fun! It’s one of my friends’ birthdays – his big 30th to be exact! His girlfriend and a few others have organized a big college-style party with a keg, beer pong, and all. I swear, I haven’t played beer bong for probably half a decade, so this is all very reminiscent of “way back then” for me, lol. At any rate, I’m pretty excited! I’m also thankful for the distraction because usually I’m spending my Friday nights with Chris.

Anyways, since I’m not going to have time to update later, and since I’ve got some new readers (welcome!), I wanted to give you a little taste of my typical day.

The first thing I do when I wake up (usually sometime between 6 and 7) is hit the SNOOZE!


Then, I scoop up my running gear (which I lay out the night before), and tip-toe out of the room because Chris is usually still sleeping.


I check what the weather is supposed to be like on my ipod touch


Then I let Rocky outside & feel the temperature for myself


Then – I EAT!


And I hit the road running (quite literally!)


Post-run, I jump in the shower & get ready to head to school. Depending on the morning, I either get Chris to drop me off, or I ride my bike.


Then I proceed to spend the majority of my day working. I’m a graduate student, so basically my life is in limbo between being a “real” college professor (I’m currently considered a “lecturer”, and I do indeed teach undergraduate courses) and yet still being a student. This semester I’m taking 3 courses, plus teaching a class, and am also working on research, writing projects, and plunging into my dissertation!


When I get home, I make some dinner (I plan weekly meals so its easy). This night I had a (bun-less) burger with turkey bacon and cheese, a side salad and homemade “chips.”


You can see some of my recipes Here.

As part of my January goals, I’m trying to have more “Me-Time”, so I usually try to do something toward that end in the evenings….be it playing guitar


Tending to my nails




or even just curling up on the couch with a book or magazine


Then, I prepare for the coming day by making my lunch, laying out my running clothes, and getting into some comfy PJ’s

And – enter Sandman – I have a date with the bed!


What’s your typical day look like?

Do you schedule meals or just go-with-the-flow?



  1. We don’t normally schedule meals, but I actually did this week! It was kind of nice…. 🙂
    Good luck with all your meetings today – and have fun tonight!!

  2. Sounds like tonight is going to be amazing! Have fun! Your bunless burger sounds delicious! I don’t schedule meals, but I’m considering doing it for lunches. I’m hoping it’ll get me pumped to make better lunches M-F when I’m at work.

    • yeah, I do it mostly 2 try to consolidate trips to the store. I figure out what I’m going to eat, get all the ingredients, then it’s done! Otherwise, I end up at the store every day to pick up a couple items!

  3. Wow girl you are busy! But you seem like you handle it very well and stay extremely organized so I’m sure that helps. I don’t normally schedule meals, because I never know what will sound good (plus I only cook for myself.) But I’ve been thinking about writing a loose schedule of meals…just to mix it up, I tend to want to eat the same thing again and again!

  4. Me time is SOOOO important! i don’t know how people function without it. For me it’s as necessary as breathing 🙂

    Looks like you have alot on your plate, but you’re young and ambitious and will rock it, i’m sure 🙂

    as far as meals…i totally go with the flow. my hubby hates it, he wants me to have things planned. i try, really i do-it’s just not in my nature for some reason.

    • I’m a creature of habit! I have a little Sunday evening ritual – it involves planning my activities for the week: things I need to do (both personal & professional), the weeks’ meals, the weeks’ workouts, and then I prepare some stuff for the week (e.g., cleaning & chopping carrots & celery for snacks, grill some chicken breasts for FAST & easy meals, etc.) Makes life easier & more efficient (and keeps me sane!)

  5. Working from home gives me the leisure to eat when I’m hungry. And I’m glad the kitchen is downstairs far away from my office, so I’m not too tempted to just graze all day! 🙂

    • It definitely helps to have a designated “office” area. Right now when I work from home it’s from the couch because that is the only place where there’s room! It’s tough (we’ve always had designated office areas before), but I like our little house so I’m dealing with it….plus we’re renters so it’s not like it’s permanent.

  6. Your schedule makes me feel tired! I’m super jealous of your morning temp!

    Does Rocky ever run with you? I find that massive amounts of exercise is the only thing that will make my dog behave 🙂

    • You know what – I don’t! I used to but believe it or not, he’s probably the only dog known to man-kind that DOES NOT LIKE runs! Occasionally I’ll take him on a short run (2 miles or less), but he slows me down because he’s constantly trying to just walk. He loves to play ball though (and he’ll actually run for it), so that’s how he gets most of his exercise.

  7. I wish I scheduled my meals more, but I’m more go with the flow. My day usually consists of walking my puppy, work, then dancing!!

  8. Wow, that really sucks. I was going to say early morning mtngs are bad enough but combine that with Friday afternoon mtngs? No bueno.

    That party sounds awesome. I just found out about a bar here that has five or six beer pong tables so I need to look into that, I was the beer pong princess back in college. But then again, college was seven yrs ago so nevermind!

    I like to plan my meals to an extent but also go with the flow kinda girl. I hate feeling obligated to eat something.

  9. Liked hearing about your day! I tend to go with the flow…I schedule sometimes, but sometimes I would rather just snack (healthily) rather than eat a real meal.

  10. That sounds like a good day! My ideal day is one where I do absolutely nothing. I’m lazy 🙂

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