Posted by: thefitacademic | January 18, 2011

Marley and Me

Has anyone seen Marley & Me?


How about read the book (it’s way better…although I loved the movie, too)?


Well, if so, then you know it’s all about the story of this yellow lab. It joined it’s human “family” as a puppy and wreaked havoc upon their lives, once going to far as to eat drywall in the garage during a scary thunderstorm. It grows up to be a highly loved and valued family member:  a playmate, companion, friend, and protector.

Rocky is totally that dog.


But worse.

Exhibit A. Rocky as a puppy was like a little devil dog. One time he was squatting to pee (inside) by the fireplace, but looked over at a friend sitting on our couch, stopped, walked over to her – and peed on her leg! It was a calculated move! Like he was thinking “I’m gonna just go pee right here inside and no one can stop me! No – wait! I’m going to pee on THAT girl! Mwhahahahaha!!!!!!” (okay, I added the evil laugh)

Exhibit B. Another time, Chris & I left to go to a movie. We had just moved to a new place and stuff was in boxes everywhere, so we put Rocky in an empty extra bedroom & shut the door so he wouldn’t be digging around in moving boxes and papers while we were gone. When we returned a mere 2 hours later, Rocky had literally eaten THROUGH A DOOR! He had chewed clear through it a large enough hole to jump through.  He had then gone to the living room & eaten a huge chunk out of a leather couch cushion. Oh right – and the cushion was on a couch belonging to a whole living room furniture set which I had financed 12 months prior and for which I had JUST made the last payment!

Exhibit C. One of Chris’ friends came over one night to hang out & he ended up staying the night. That night, Rocky destroyed everything that he did not literally have on his body. In total, this amounted to:  a wallet, DVD, both shoes, and a hat. The poor guy had to be driven home & dropped off bare foot.

Exhibit D. When Rocky was a puppy, he was a runner. He was always trying to escape from the house or yard and, if he did, he would take off running to…..nowhere in particular. We had a problem with him getting out of the yard. He would eat through the wood of the fence. So, we put down chicken wire. He ate through it. (yep – he ate metal. didn’t phase him) So we put down a straight piece of sheet metal. Then he started digging his way out. We tried putting a piece of electric wire around the base of the fence to shock him. Rocky would rub his back on it like it was an electrified massage. It was ridiculous. If we hadn’t lived in a tiny, quiet neighborhood at the time, he probably would have gotten run over by a car at some point because he was breaking out all.the.time.

Exhibit E. When Chris and I first moved in with each other in 2005 we bought a queen-sized bed (prior he had a full sized bed & I just had a twin!). I’d say….maybe 6 months after we bought the bed, I guess Rocky got hungry and needed a snack? I don’t even know how to explain this otherwise!PICT2835

I was only able to capture a picture of this giant hole in our mattress because it’s STILL the mattress that we use today! Ugh! We definitely need a new one! Check out how huge the hole is compared to my hand (and I have giant man-hands, FYI)


Yup. All true stories. And yet, somehow, Rocky has grown up into the most good-natured, laid-back, “chill”dog in existence. So weird to think now that he used to seem so horrible & that he’s now one of the best dogs known to man-kind!


Well, except when he’s not.


(Fresh crotch chew-hole in Chris’ underwear)

Gotta love him.



  1. What is with pups and the chewing? Ours is the same way – he’s only a year and a half so we have to give him rawhides and such to keep his chomper busy!! 🙂

  2. Oh Rocky! So lucky you’re cute as can be! =)

    My pup growing up was a total terror too! She was an awesome adult doggie though! I guess it’s part of a great dog in the making ❤


    “Rocky would rub his back on it like it was an electrified massage. It was ridiculous.” You SLAY me with this stuff!!!! And your man hands… I have them too girl!! 😀

    My dogs were terror demons when they were puppies too. They DESTROYED my first apartment, eating holes in the carpet, digging up linoleum, eating a WINDOW SILL. They collapsed one of my papasan chair bases… I totally feel you!! Now the most anyone does is eat tissues. Which is gross, but manageable, lol!

  4. My dog is so similar to Rocky, the only difference is that we kept her in a crate when we were gone so that limited her mayhem! She’s 2 and a half and people still think she’s a puppy because she just won’t stop wiggling. It’s ridiculous!

  5. i cried my eyes out when i watched marley & me. my fiance (then new boyfriend) was probably so freaked out at the girl crying big ugly tears and with snot running out of her nose. i’m surprised he ever came back! we have a dog now, though, and he’s such a good boy! we’ve never had any trouble at all with him chewing or having accidents or anything. i feel spoiled!

    • What kind of dog is it? It must be a magical breed! : )

  6. Saw that movie when it came out on DVD. Balled my eyes out! Such a great movie though. Your dog is adorable!! Great stories!

  7. Oh my gosh, that is freaking insane! I can’t believe all of it! One of the few reasons I am a happy owner of a CAT!

  8. ROCKY! OMG he is a mischievious little devil eh? I think I would freak the eff out if my dog did that. But then again, my dog is the size of Rocky’s head so nevermind.

    I saw that movie on Christmas day two yrs ago with my family and I left looking like Alice Cooper since I cried so much.

    • It was definitely a tear-jerker! I had read the book so I knew what to expect & when I saw the movie I STILL ended up bawling like a baby!

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