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Wedding Day Part II

Before I dive right in, I want to announce the winner to my first giveaway!

I selected the winner through a very “scientific” process

I wrote everyone’s names on strips of paper for each entry (up to 3)


Then I put them in a big coffee-cup shaped bowl I have (cute, right?)


Mixed them all around & reached in to select the winner!




And the winner is…..FLOEY from SQUIGGLE FLOEY!!!

Hey girl, shoot me an e-mail ( with your address and I’ll get your Bonne Maman in the mail for ya! Thanks for all those who played!

If you are new to the blog, you should know that I just got married to my best friend this past November. Because there are so many pictures, I’ve split them up into a couple different posts. Part I chronicled before the wedding: all the pre-ceremony shots, getting ready, etc. And if you want to hear the story of the dress, you can check it out here.Today, I’ll take you on the journey down the aisle & to the party reception immediately following.

Come along with me!

Here is my Mom, being walked down the aisle by my step-dad, Brian. The Jordans-154

My Mom & Step-dad got married just 3 days before my 16th birthday. I didn’t grow up with him, but he is the best step-father a person could ever ask for. He loves my mom. I mean, LOVES her. He takes care of her in every way imaginable and he keeps her happy. They are my example of what a marriage should be.

I have a strained relationship with my own dad so I knew I wanted my Mom’s dad (my Poppy) to walk me down the aisle. Chris and I had an 18 month engagement, and a lot can happen in the span of 18 months. During this time, my Poppy had a heart attack, followed by 2 open heart surgeries and 2 strokes, and although he narrowly escaped death, he had to re-learn EVERYTHING from walking to tying his shoe (he’s still working on writing his name). For awhile we didn’t know who would walk me down the aisle because we didn’t think he’d be well enough.

But, bless his heart, my Poppy is a FIGHTER and literally got up from his wheelchair to walk me down the aisle. I love that man.

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

His wife, my Nana, was visibly moved.

The Jordans-158

The strings were playing

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

The flowergirl & all the bridesmaids & groomsmen made their way down the aisleAshley & Chris Jordan's WeddingAshley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

and then here I came

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

The ceremony was short & sweet – everything I’d hoped it would be

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Before I knew it, the deed was done & we were pronounced Husband and Wife

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

then there was a barrage of family photos

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

my sister (the MOH), Nana, and my Mom

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

my darling grandfather, Poppy

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Grooms’ brothers (best man & groomsman) and his Mom

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

The entire bridal party

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Jumping for Joy!

And lots of shots with just me and the boy

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Then the party began!

Our first dance

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

me dancing with my Dad (even though we aren’t close, I wanted to still do a father-daughter dance so he would feel included)

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Chris with his mom

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

there were toasts

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

and there was cake

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding


Ashley & Chris Jordan's WeddingAshley & Chris Jordan's WeddingThe Jordans-181

There was some boogying down

Ashley & Chris Jordan's WeddingAshley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

and there was a bouquet toss

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

followed by a garter toss

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

and boys belittling the sucker guy who caught it (in jest) Winking smileAshley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Finally there was a last dance

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

and a fabulous send-off

The Jordans-203

The Jordans-204

the whole thing was just amazing & made me feel like a princess!

Chris & I actually joked that it was like a birthday because we were the centers of attention – only WAY better & with WAY more presents! Smile

Are you married?

If not, do you see yourself having a big “traditional” wedding?

I joked with my sister that when she gets married she better just elope!!!! Winking smile



  1. Awwww this post is amazing-those pics are incredible! I’m in the midst of planning our wedding this May-it’s a non-traditional spin on tradition, haha-if that makes any sense!

    You looked amazing, the day looked perfect-big congrats!

  2. Aww, the story about your grandfather getting out of his wheelchair to walk you down the aisle made my eyes water!

    I had a very simple wedding (I planned it in 7 months), but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! I love reading about other people’s fancy weddings and I love attending them (especially if they serve sushi at the cocktail hour!), but planning one? No thank you!

  3. Wow, what beautiful pictures!!! The dress is gorgeous and everything looks so perfect! I am not married yet, but I think I am more of a small intimate wedding kinda gal!

  4. Those pictures are beautiful – love the sparklers (and you got married on my birthday!!). 🙂
    I got married a little over 2 years ago and loved every minute of that day. It was perfect.

  5. You look beautiful! I love your dress, especially the ruffly bottom 🙂 Your grandfather is such a great guy to do that!

    I once joked about just going to city hall and getting a marriage certificate then use the “wedding” money to travel. Hehe still sounds like a great idea to me 😀

  6. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love how your grandpa got out of his wheelchair to walk you down the isle. 🙂

    I’m not married yet (only 19!) but I hope to be one day. I have absolutely no idea how my wedding will turn out though.. I don’t think it will be very traditional but hey, you never know.

  7. Aw gosh, I feel teary! You’re so beautiful in that wonderful dress 🙂 Happy happy day!

  8. awwwwww your wedding photos are fantastic! ❤ I wish I could repeat mine over and over again… minus the planning! don't you? ahhh…. something about all your fav people hugging and eating and partying in one place. best thing ever =)

  9. I loooooooooooooooove your pictures!!! And the picture of your Nana along with the story of your Poppy brought a sweet tear to my eye!!

  10. You are STUNNING. Congrats!!! 🙂

    I am (obviously) not married and have given very ltitle thought to what I want for a wedding… I hardly know what I’m going to do tomorrow! 😉


  11. Gorgeous pictures, you look beautiful!
    I am not married, but I hope to have a traditional wedding:)

  12. your wedding photos are so pretty! i just found your blog today, but i’m looking forward to going back and looking at your other wedding posts. i’m getting married in august – my girls are wearing black dresses too, and my fiance and i talked about doing black on black for the guys like you did. i like your style. 🙂 we’re having a pretty traditional wedding, too!

  13. Awww!
    These pictures are all so sweet 🙂
    You look gorgeous, love!

  14. The story and picture of your grandfather made me tear up. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful and fun!

  15. Wow, such beautiful pictures! You look absolutely amazing in your dress! And it looks like you had so much fun! Love the bit about comparing it to your “birthdays”! Haha

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