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Workout DVD Review + Recent Eats

Do you ever check out my Weekly Workouts? Well if so, then you know that I was supposed to go to the gym on Tuesday. Well….yeah, that didn’t happen. Instead I decided to do a workout DVD from the comfort of my home Smile

Have you ever done a Biggest Loser workout video? I have a few of them – I love how you can customize the workouts to suit your ability level, time needs, etc. So today I wanted to review The Biggest Loser Boot Camp Workout



Turns out you can pick it up for as little as $6 online, by the way.

So, okay – you get to select your workout. There are 3 levels plus a warm up and a cool down. I decided to do the warm-up (5 minutes), level 2 (15 min), level 3 (10 min), and the cool-down (5 minutes). In all, the workout was 35 minutes.

My review

Very good and challenging workout. I love that there are REAL people doing the DVD behind Bob (the old Biggest Loser contestants!). It gives me motivation when I want to quit – “Well if SHE can do it, then I can too!!!” The one thing I would say is that Level 2 seemed, to me, more difficult than Level 3. They are supposed to be in order of difficulty (with Level 3 the most challenging), but Level 2 used hand weights and Level 3 only used resistance bands. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always find a workout more challenging with “real” weights as opposed to resistance bands. Also, the “warm-up” actually felt like a mini-workout in and of itself! By the time the warm-up was done I was already sweating! It definitely wasn’t your normal, “okay, now stretch, okay, now roll your head & shoulders, now the other way, etc” – so it felt like just jumping right into the workout. I liked it, but I could see how some people may want a little bit more of a warm-up with all the stretching, etc.

And, because I’ve been holding out on you in terms of my recent eats, I wanted to give you some recent photos. I swear it hasn’t been on purpose! One day I accidentally left my camera at school (DOH!) and then I’ve had other things to attend to – like my first giveaway!!! (You can still enter, see this post!)


One night hubbs’ made dinner so MEAT was on the menu! This is a filet mignon with a side of corn & some pasta.

The next day I had it as leftovers for lunch


with an amazing salad: it had blue cheese crumbles, bacon, crispy strips, and dried cranberries. I cut up the meat & ended up basically eating it with the salad (does anyone else love the blue cheese/red meat combo?) plus bonus – the meat was so juicy (even leftover!) that between it & the blue cheese crumbles, I didn’t even need salad dressing!


I’ve also been having lots of food at the desk lately.



Carrot sticks and peanut butter


a chicken, pea, cheese tortellini creation I made (with some soyaki from Trader Joes)PICT2827

still at work….


And of course there’s been breakfasts & Bonne Maman


English muffin:  1/2 with the white chocolate pb, 1/2 with dark chocolate pb. Both sides with some raspberry preservers


And green monsters. You know I love them! This one had a banana, almond milk, honey-flavored greek yogurt, a spoonfull of almond butter, and spinach with chia seeds sprinkled on top


In terms of snacks/treats, I’m not typically a huge coffee drinker, but I’ve been NEEDING it lately!


(pictured here with vanilla-flavored almond milk & a packet of truvia)

and I’ve been enjoying my sugar-cookie herbal teaPICT2723

and of course, those jam thumb-print cookies


can’t go wrong!

I try to stay away from caffeine as much as possible….I find that I get “addicted” really easily. After maybe 6 days of drinking a single coffee a day, if I DON’T have coffee on that 7th day I’ll have a wicked-horrible headache & feel totally hung-over! I hate that feeling, so I try to avoid it……but sometimes I can’t deny the urge!!!

Do you ever battle caffeine addictions? What other battles are you waging in life right now?

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  1. I have gotten increasingly sensitive to caffeine in recent years. One cup in the morning is all I need, even if I think otherwise! I am battling with giving up meat. I have been feeling moved to do so and am unofficially giving it a shot right now. I am still eating eggs, fish, and goat cheese for now, and it’s been a week and so far so good. But your filet looks mahhhhvelous! 🙂

    • yeah, the hubbs is ALL into that red meat, lol. Good luck on going veg! You can still consider it vegetarian when you eat fish, right?

  2. I went caffeine free when I was pregnant and yeah there were a couple days I was miserable, but of course it was worth it 🙂
    Now-I really have no reason to go caffeine free! I just moderate it by not having any after like 3 pm, otherwise I wake up often at night.

    Since we have “Exercise TV” on our cable package, I never really need to buy exercise DVDS. I’ve found some really fun and interesting workouts, too-Bollywood Booty (Bollywood dance moves) and Piloxing (a combo of pilates and boxing).

    • How cool! Is that the same as Fit TV? I have that, but I don’t know about Exercise TV. That Piloxing sounds like it’d be right up my alley!!!

  3. Thanks for the DVD review- now that it’s snowy and cold, I’m always looking for new ways to workout at home! I agree with you, I think workouts are harder with real weights.

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  5. I’m obsessed with that sugar cookie tea. Actually more so its gingerbread counterpart, but theyr’e both delicious 😉

    • oooohhhhhh I’ve never tried the gingerbread but it sounds DELISH! Does it also taste EXACTLY like gingerbread?! It kinda freaked me out just how much it tasted like a sugar cookie!!!

  6. I’m getting addicted to coffee again myself, after going without it for years! And I’m *so* envious of your PB&Co pbs… we can’t get them in Australia! 😦

  7. Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred is the same way, level 2 is harder than level 3!

    I don’t drink any caffeine now. I used to, but I got an ulcer back in grad school and had to give it up. I never added it back!

    • omg, that’s crazy! Glad you’re okay now!

  8. I’ve actually never really drank caffeine-weird huh? Never liked “pop” and never drank coffee! So no complaints here!
    I switch up my addictions prob every wk! Right now it’s PASTA-ive had it close to every day this wk, that will go away and it’ll be onto something else.

  9. I’m addicted to roasted broccoli and cauliflower right now! Could be worse….. 🙂

  10. I used to be kinda addicted to coffee, but managed to wean myself off it, and have it now and again as a treat! Still love a good cuppa joe! 😀

    I’m waging an epic battle between my willpower and my granola. The granola is winning.

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