Posted by: thefitacademic | January 10, 2011

Tri tri again


Today I did my own version of a (very) mini-triathlon!

First I got up and went running – a simple 3 miles.


Then, I biked to school – 3.5 miles.


Finally, I decided instead of taking the elevator to walk the stairs up to my third floor office. Yes, it’s only the 3rd floor, but it’s actually a lot of stairs because the first two floors have auditorium sized rooms with huge ceilings (it’s certainly not like that up here in the faculty offices : ) )


(nope – these are not really my buildings’ stairs)

This week is going to be very writing-intensive. I have 2 manuscripts that are in the proof stage (very close to finished), and I need to start a new manuscript….from scratch! I’m always a little hesitant to start a new project. I love writing, especially once I get into the swing of it – it just kind of flows. But starting the paper is always a difficult experience. Anyone else terrified of a blank Word doc on their computer screen? No? Just me? Whatever – I’m totally normal Winking smile

Sometimes you end up re-inventing the wheel, you know? And sometimes you stumble across something that could be a masterpiece. I love that.

Okay, back from dork-land!

Thanks for all the comments about my ice cream! I’m still bummed about the peanut butter, but I  had a vanilla success!!!


I had a mini bowl last night when it finished. I knew I shouldn’t. But I did anyway & it was glorious! Very rich though – not sure how much I’ll eat.

I wanted to get some regular ice cream under control before branching out, but I totally plan on delving into gelato as well as frozen yogurt at some point…..maybe not until summer. Smile

And now – back to work! It’s going to be a late evening (the hubbs is cooking dinner!) ❤

But first – for your viewing pleasure, here is Rocky showing off his new haircut!



Have you ever made your own ice cream (or fro-yo, etc.)? What’s your favorite flavor?



  1. Hooray vanilla ice cream! =)

  2. yay we have an ice-cream success. I have never made ice-cream, would love to!

  3. A friend picked me up one of those ice cream makers that is a ball that you toss around… I should be getting it from her in a few days! 🙂

    • how fun! Those are great for keeping kiddos occupied during summer, too : )

  4. Hey Ash hey! I just nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award- can’t wait to try some homemade ice cream… thanks for the idea and keep on writin’ 🙂

    • thanks! Do you have a blog? I’ve tried to click on the link here, but it’s just a blank wordpress!? Am I confused somehow?

  5. Wow, that’s some impressive exercise! Today, I got up, sat and cross-stitched, cooked, drove to my parents house, went on the internet for a few hours, drove home, sat… 😛

    I don’t have an ice cream maker, but I did make granita for the first time for Christmas! Would love to see how frozen yoghurt is made 🙂

  6. sweet hair cut! I think his style is looking better than mine. I haven’t ever made fro yo except in chemistry doing the stupid plastic-bag shaking trip with creme and sugar…

    • haha, i think i remember doing that same thing! : )

  7. Love the mini tri-that you created yourself….so nice to throw in some variety to spice up your workout!
    I love frozen bananas in the food processor with any additive i’m craving for a healthy yummy ice cream-or protein ice cream too!

  8. congrats on the ice cream success. 🙂 did you figure out the problem?
    i have made mucho homemade ice cream 🙂
    i can’t do dairy, so i use coconut milk.
    i’ve made mint chocolate chip,
    coffee with dark chocolate covered coffee beans,
    beet ice cream (more like a sorbet),
    and i’ve made chocolate cayenne ice cream.

    ahhh! i can’t wait to get my ice cream maker back 🙂

    • Wow! You should do a tutorial or something! Those flavors sound amazing!

  9. I love Rocky’s new haircut! I shaved my dog for her first summer and she loved it!

    I also sometimes feel paralyzed by the blinking cursor on a blank Word document, you are not alone!

    That ice cream looks fantastic!

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