Posted by: thefitacademic | January 8, 2011


Wow! This day has been packed & it’s only 2:00! Let’s get right to it – I still have a LOT to get done this afternoon!

But first, let’s back up

Last night was great! Very relaxing! I opened up a box of herbal tea I received for Christmas – Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride flavor!PICT2723

I didn’t like that you just had to throw your bag in your cup – there was no string or anything to steep it with. But, it was so weird – it really tasted like a sugar cookie!


It was good, but it was a little unnerving…because who really wants to be drinking a sugar cookie? I wanna eat it! Smile

Last night Atheno’s Feta (garlic & herb flavor) was the star of the show


I made Pistachio Feta Chicken

Shelled a bunch of pistachios, and threw them atop some chicken breasts that had been marinating in Italian salad dressing. Topped with the feta & baked at 350 for 30 minutes.


Served with a side of black beans, and a side of mixed veggies that were leftover from a few days ago (needed to be eaten). It was delicious! If I were doing it again, though, I would have sliced the chicken down the middle and “stuffed” it with the pistachios and cheese, rather than putting them on top of the breast. There was a lot of balance work, and I couldn’t eat my whole breast, resulting in some very messy leftovers! If it were stuffed, toppings would be contained Smile


Then, this morning I woke up and went on a 7 mile run. I did it EXACTLY how I plan to do it next Sunday for my half-marathon: same outfit, same fuel belt, same shoes & socks….you get the point.


It felt good. I feel ready.

Then Chris decided to unpack our ice-cream maker that we got as a wedding gift.PICT2738

it came with a little booklet


I was horrified to find that EGGS were a prominent ingredient in almost ALL of the recipes!


6 eggs in a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough!

I have a confession: I don’t like eggs. Like really don’t like eggs. They gross me out. It’s unfortunate because they pack so much healthy protein & fat, but I hate them. I had no idea ice cream had eggs! Is this normal, or just in homemade ice cream?

But then the mail man came and THIS came in!!!PICT2741

Details to follow.

But now I’ve gotta run! A glance at part of my To-Do List:

-post office

-organize closet

-plan weeks’ groceries

-grocery shop???

-store returns

I’m off!!!

Does anyone have any good ice cream recipes without eggs!?



  1. I think most ice cream does NOT have eggs, except for flavors like French Vanilla (the egg yolks give it the yellowish color). Traditional old fashioned ice cream might usually have eggs, I have no clue. Really, the French Vanilla trivia is my only contribution 🙂

    • weird – i had no idea, but that makes sense! Yeah, I’ve googled some recipes & found that some have eggs & some don’t (about 50-50). I found a recipe for a peanut butter ice cream that I’m DYING to make already! Plus, I’ve got a white-chocolate peanut butter right now & I think that sounds like the most AMAZING ice cream experience ever! I’ll let you know how it goes if I make it!

  2. Oh man, I wish my to-do list was that short! I should trick myself into making it only 5 bullets so that I get it done faster… haha then I can tack on the rest of the schtuff!

    No recipes for ice cream here, I’m sooo lactose intol! I hope you find an amazing recipe though!!!! =)


    • haha, no that was definitely just a “snippet” view, not the entire thing. And I was tricked by the post office – they’re closed on Saturdays, so I didn’t get that done! I’m pretty sure I’ve done this same thing before…. : /

  3. Interesting about the eggs.. I have a child ice cream maker.. Basically it uses just some heavy cream, then salt and ice in the inside.. Add your own flavouring..

    I had a similar experience like your sugar cookie tea.. Ever try one of those chocolate oranges? Its chocolate in the shape of an orange and its orange flavoured.. Its TOO orange flavoured. Tastes like eating an orange but the texture is all wrong.

    • I know exactly what you’re talking about & I totally agree! Even as a kid I never liked those chocolate oranges!

  4. oh my gosh – thats so cool you have an ice cream maker – you can make all the flavors YOU want! lucky!

  5. I’ve always wanted to try that tea but I can’t find it anywhere! I have such a bad sweet tooth

  6. That is definitely one of my favorite teas!

  7. I hate the yolks, and the sight of runny yolks totally grosses me out!

    Sugar cookie is my favorite tea!!

  8. Frozen bananas + any topping (chocolate, vanilla, fruit) put in a processor and whip!

    • I’ve totally done this before! Just like banana fro-yo! I’ve gotta try out the actual ice-cream maker, though. I have a delicious-sounding recipe I can’t wait to try!

  9. I really like eggs. But it’s true- raw eggs give me the skeevies… :p

  10. Nice job with your 7 miler. You’ll do great at the race.

  11. I would have never thought to add pistachios to chicken and feta (I like to stuff my chicken with feta and hummus) I will have to give it a go sometime!

    Sundays are usually my busy days but I’ve been a complete waste today and I’m enjoying it 🙂

    • Everyone needs a “vege” day every once in awhile!!!

  12. […] I love Bonne Maman Preserves & Jelly. If you haven’t noticed I’ve written about it here and here and even before I mentioned the brand by name you may have noticed it photographed here and […]

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