Posted by: thefitacademic | January 7, 2011

Burger Redo

Whoa – this week has been intense! So glad it’s Friday!

I have not accomplished anymore organization yet, but I think this weekend I’ll tackle a couple more things. Your votes were mostly split between organizing the hall closetPICT2676

and the bookshelf


I realized that when I do one, I’ll probably need to do the other because a lot of the bookshelf items need to go into the closet. So hopefully I can tackle that soon.

Meanwhile, I managed to get in a little guitar playing last night


Tuned her up and played for about an hour or so. I was really just having fun, but soon I need to start practicing on more challenging stuff. I learned guitar when I was 18 by taking a class, so I have “classroom” knowledge rather than “real-life” skills, and I’ve never really progressed from there. Basically, I’ve got the chords down, no prob, but I SUPER SUCK at strumming/picking, so I’m mostly just beating the strings without any of the melodic strumming sounds that guitarists use to make the song sound “finished”. I want to get better at that.

I also took the time to paint my nails, thank you very much!


and the hubbs made dinner! It was good, but he decided to go with burgers (again – we had them like 2 nights ago!), so even though I liked it, I was kinda craving something different.

Here’s the assembly of my burger:


patty & cheese


grilled jalapenos




hefty serving of freshly-made guacamole (my only contribution to dinner)




served with a side of corn and homemade fries.

Then, a little after dinner I heeded Christin’s advice for a little snacky


Barney Butter on top of a Clif bar (chocolate chip flavored bar)


it was YUM


yoga mats out so I could do some sit ups and push ups earlier.

And this morning I made the most toxic-looking Green Monster in a beer glassPICT2711

I seriously will never have a regular smoothie again (unless maybe if I’m out of spinach). It tastes EXACTLY the same & has so many additional benefits (tons of antioxidants + some protein)!

Lunch was at my desk and was kind of random


bowl of soup, 1/2 pita, hummus, carrot sticks & a wedge of laughing cow cheese.

Chris is working early tomorrow morning so we aren’t going out tonight. I’m looking forward to hopefully taking a long, relaxing bubble bath and reading a magazine. I’m way behind on my “pleasure” reading! I have a stack of mags that are just collecting dust, having never been read!

I’m so excited! Tomorrow is my last “long” run until the half marathon! And it’s only 7 miles, so it’s not even really that long. I have to say – I love long runs since they’re a time when I can just listen to music, think about life, and just be by myself for awhile……but that being said, they’re also time-consuming and require a lot of life adjustments (e.g., can’t drink the night before a long run, can’t stay up late if waking up really early, etc. etc. etc.) I Can.Not.WAIT until this race!

Have you done any races? What was your first?

My first was a 5K last September with Chris. It was the first (and only) race that Chris has run with me!



  1. My first race was a small 5k that I just jumped into, but then I caught the racing bug and did 5 races in 6 months! I ran my first half in November and it was an amazing experience! Can’t wait to hear how yours goes.

  2. Yay for long runs – they’re super relaxing and great thinking time. But you do need to schedule them in. Very cool about your upcoming half.

    The hubby and I raced on Jan 1 and now we have our eye on a Valentines 5k.

    • that is too cute! I should see if there’s one in my area – that sounds like fun!

  3. I find myself constantly organizing. Im one of those “a place for everything and everything (ideally) in its place”

    LOVE your nails! I dont get around to doing mine as much as I should.

    Ive only done 1 race. It was a 5k Mud run and it was FUN FUN FUN!

  4. Hey hun, have you posed the recipe for this smoothie somewhere? I would really like to make use of the apple, spinach and kale I have in the fridge right now!

    thanks love!


    ps: whooohooo! my toes match your nails! =)

  5. I’ve always kind fo wished I could play guitar! Ah well. 🙂 That’s so cool though!

    And I’m hoping to do a race eventually… but I haven’t really been running recently, so I don’t know when that’ll be… Hopefully this year! 🙂

  6. I want to run a 5K this year! Your so cool, you know how to play the guitar. I wish I could!

    Love guacamole, I just made some today!

  7. That burger?? That is what I’m talking about!! I love burgers and adding jalapeno and guac to it makes it all the better 🙂

    I did one 5k last spring, it was my first one. Not sure if I will be running again though since my knee is in horrible shape.

  8. Isn’t that combo just dreamy?! Love it! Oh, and guac is the best burger condiment in the history of EVER! 🙂

  9. Loooove green monsters:) I’m off to get a mani/pedi today (much needed).
    My first 5k was a run for sneakers where you donated old sneakers-I haven’t done a race since my last half last May.

  10. Ha! I haven’t “raced” since highschool track! I ran the 100, 200, and 400. nowadays you’d have to PAY me to run. ick. sorry, but i just do not like running.
    If I’m doing HIIT on the treadmill, I can deal with it, because it’s only about 20-30 seconds at a time 🙂
    I hope you have a great time!!

  11. Oh my gosh, that burger looked amazing. Now I want a burger! I may need to get the ingredients at the store, at stop at 5 Guys 🙂

    My first race was a Turkey Trot 5K and it was crazy hot (which is very unusual for VA). It was cross country (on a golf course) and I finished in 22 min. I have never been able to top that time, but maybe the course wasn’t exactly 3.1 miles? Who knows, but it was a really fun first race!

    • Wow! Thats an AMAZING time in general….and then for a FIRST race?! Wish I were that speedy!!!

  12. Good idea to leave the yoga mat out, I think I might do that. I have down a few races, 5km, 10km, half marathons, trail races. I love then, they are so fun and motivating. It is great to have a goal to work towards.

    Now that i invested in a Garmin, I have fallen in love with running again… seeing my stats as I go!

  13. I haven’t done any races yet, but I’d love to start doing some 5ks once my time drops a little bit. PS – the guac looks awesome!

    • Thanks! Amongst the other ingredients, I always mix in some plain greek yogurt to make it extra creamy. I think I did a touch too much this time (that’s why it’s almost a white-ish green color, lol) Usually it’s a little darker green : )

  14. love the nails!!

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