Posted by: thefitacademic | January 5, 2011

Cleaning Fairy

Last night I really had the organizational juices flowing! I started with the big bins from underneath my bed that I mentioned wanting to organize. But it didn’t stop there! Hubby came home while I was mid-bedroom rearrangement & helped me finish it off!

But then disaster struck

The “before” pictures were accidentally deleted off my camera Sad smile

I couldn’t undo all that had been done just in the name of a picture, so I’m sad to say you’ll have to do some imagining.

Imagine THIS


just absolutely OVERFLOWING with crap stuff. Imagine 2 more just like it (3 total) plus a box of more miscellaneous stuff.

Give me 2 hours, an entire trashcan for trash, an entire trashbag for stuff to send to goodwill, plus a little 16 & Pregnant marathon (or something like that) and I managed to completely organize everything! Now I’m down to 2 bins (hence, the reason why the above bin is empty!) and the 2 remaining are neatly organized.

One for scrapbooking stuff: stickers, papers, pictures, etc.PICT2686

and one for office supplies and wedding keepsakes (guest book, etc.)


And we moved the bed from the east-facing wall to the north-facing wall. Rocky seems to approve




Now I feel like the Spring cleaning bug has hit full force!  I have a whole list of things I want to clean, organize, and de-clutter! The hall closet, the bookshelf, and the one little cabinet that houses all of our pots, pans, and baking sheets. Plus I want to add shelves throughout the house (kitchen, bedroom, & laundry room) for additional storage and I want to rearrange our paintings and pictures throughout the house. Our place is less than 600 square feet, so space is always an issue!

Tonight I was going to set to work on one of my January goals and do some scrapbooking. Now that I’m organized I thought it’d be the perfect time! But, I got a phone call for a happy hour invite at one of my fave Sushi restaurants, Ra, so I thought I’d go with that instead. I’ll get around to scrapbooking on Thursday. Plus, the hubbs is working late tonight, so it’s the perfect day for me to go out with friends.

Breakfast today was kinda boring:  greek yogurt, chopped fruit (pineapple & peach), and a handfull of granola. I swear there’s fruit hiding under the mound of granola! See it peeking out?


Lunch featured leftover BBQ pulled chicken, atop a bed of greens (salad-style). Sorry no pic. Can’t wait for sushi for dinner!!! YUM!

And, just for fun, I’ll let YOU decide which area I am going to organize next. I probably won’t be able to do it until the weekend (with all the scrapbooking going on I’ll be busy Winking smile), but your vote will determine the next location to-be-organized in our house. And don’t judge because stuff is out of control right now, okay?

The contenders:

1. The catch-all Hall Closet


get a better look at the floor of this closet:


2. The ONLY cabinet we have to accommodate ALL of our pots, pans, pyrex products & baking sheets:


(it looks kinda spacious here, but it’s TINY….so we need to be organized!)

3. Our basically-used-as-a-storage-unit Bookshelf


Look! It’s multi-funcional! The bottom is like an office setup


while the top is like a game storage haven


Okay, which one of these three areas should I tackle next?



  1. Nice work! I love to spring clean throughout the year. Very therapeutic.

  2. Nice work! I’d go with the closet next! 🙂 I am guilty of the same bookshelf/storage unit reality in my office too, oops!

  3. I have all these things left to clean too! I just did my closet… that was easy so I suggest start there! then move on to the pots and pans to make cooking easier (though im intimidated to start that one!) and then ze bookshelf!

    whatcha think? =)

    goood luck!

    • sounds like a good plan – I’m a little worried that the bookshelf & closet may overlap some, kinda forcing me to do them at the same time. I guess we’ll see how much time I have on my hands this weekend….

  4. Goodness that’s a small space to fit it all in, but you are doing a great job! I’d organize the bookcase next 🙂

  5. wow. you go girl! i’d say the bookcase, since it’s more visible 🙂 great job so far!

  6. haha when the cleaning bug strikes me i get so much accomplished too!!
    i’d say go with the bookcase 🙂

  7. I think instead you shoudl come organize my room for me… 😉 I have no patience for such things. Well, sometimes I do, but I often get overwhelmed. And now I’m just plain lazy.

    (PS Hi! I’m Nicole! I like your blog. 🙂 )

  8. […] anymore organization yet, but I think this weekend I’ll tackle a couple more things. Your votes were mostly split between organizing the hall […]

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