Posted by: thefitacademic | January 4, 2011


If you know Emeril Lagasse, you know his famous tag-line, “BAM!” He uses it when he makes some type of drool-worthy food creation. I use it for….just about anythingOpen-mouthed smile

Like last night – I made THIS


(stack of mail from the 2 weeks we were out of town)



I set up a 2011 accordion file-folder. Got it on sale half-price & it is huge compared to my normal file-folders!



And tonight for dinner I made THIS


into THIS


The chicken had marinated and cooked in a mango chutney/pineapple juice blend. The mango chutney I bought from the store, and I just added some juice I had on hand. Took the cooled cooked chicken, pulled it and threw it in a pot (I discarded the juices, but kept the chunks of fruit that had been in the chutney), added some HEB brand Texas Style BBQ sauce (amazing! Great spice!)


And heated it all through. I kept the heat on super low and simmered covered about 10 minutes, then uncovered and turned up the heat for an additional 3-5 minutes.


While that was cooking, I decided to make a big salad so I made a green leaf lettuce + spinach blend, then added a handfull of black beans, corn, some chopped tomatoes, avocados, some Santa Fe tortilla strips, and a little cheese. It didn’t need much salad dressing because the corn and black beans gave it so much flavor, but I added just a dollop of Sunflower Farmer’s Market’s Smokey Tomato dressing (soooo good!)



By this time the chicken was done, so I threw it on half of an Onion roll open-faced sandwich style.



Today was my first full day back at the office. While some people dread this day, I really kind of enjoyed it. Most people are still out of town, so it was super quiet and I was able to get a lot done. Mid-day I took a quick break for lunch, which consisted entirely of leftovers from dinner last night.


Eating at the office means lots of little containers. Here’s the full picture:PICT2646

I had a burger patty with lots of lettuce on top, also with mustard & Sunflower’s organic ketchup


I’m in that boat (with a bunch of people) who would love to eat more organic foods, but it’s kind of cost-prohibitive. I remember somewhere one time Caitlin suggested at the very least trying to eat organic condiments (sauces, dips, etc.) so, even though this bottle was an entire dollar more than its non-organic counterpart, I decided to try it out. It did not disappoint.

In addition to the burger, I had half a pita filled with hummus & sprinkled with a little bit of Athenos’ feta cheese as a snack.


Food aside, this morning’s run was FREEZING!!! For those of you living in northern places, you’ll have to forgive or at least indulge my whining. I’ve always lived in the south so winters were always no big deal. Here in Tucson we don’t have to deal with snow or anything, but the mornings have been below freezing all week! Since I needed to get in a 5-miler + a full day of work, I had to get up EARLY for my run Because Arizona doesn’t do the whole daylight-savings thing, our time zone is weird. It’s DARK outside until 7am! So, half of my run was done before dawn had even broken! I was wearing 3 layers (tank + long sleeve shirt + jacket) plus I wore mittens & still I was freezing THE.ENTIRE.WAY.

Like, when I got home and stripped my clothes off to jump in the shower, my arms & legs were RED and tingly (is that a stage of hypothermia???).

Now, the hubbs is annoying amusing me with his new toy from Christmas


and I have vowed to get to work on more organizing. This time instead of a stack of mail I’m taking on the bins from underneath my bed that have been holding wedding stuff for the last 18 months. Time to condense, reduce, and recycle!Open-mouthed smile

And because I haven’t treated you to a designated dog pic in awhile, here’s Tuscany on the last day we were watching her before her “parents” returned from vacation.PICT2579

My god – she is literally as big as Chris! Look how long her legs are!!!


Awwww……I miss her face!



  1. I really prefer when the office is empty and quiet. I share my office with two chatty Kathy’s (one of them being a guy) and without them work is a breeze!

  2. OOoh you’re giving emeril a run for his money! =)

    My husband has been playing with the helo he got for christmas non-freaking-stop! My head hurts! can’t they make these things silent? hehe


    • haha, and not only that but my dog doesn’t understand it so the entire time it’s flying, he’s freaking out barking at it. Fun stuff : )

  3. lots of productivity and creativity goin’ on! niiiice 🙂
    as far as organic, it IS frustrating that the prices are higher. to some people it doesn’t make that much of a difference, but hey, when your household goes through about 15 apples, several bunches of bananas, bags of carrots, at least 2 onions, bags of lettuce, broccoli, etc PER week-it adds up FAST!!!
    so, i just stick with the organic produce that is on the “dirty dozen” list. otherwise, fruits and veggies and things like avocadoes can be conventional.

  4. I lived in Phoenix for three yrs and the first winter I remember waking up in the morning thinking “hold on, I’m in the desert—why is it freezing??” All your creations sound great–I want to try that smokey tomato dressing!

    • I know, right!? I just haven’t ever lived somewhere with such HUGE temperature swings! It can be 28 degrees at night, then by noon its up to 70!

  5. You know, the more I look at your husband the more familiar he looks. When did you say he graduated again?

  6. Oh, and organic ketchup just tastes way better to me anyway. It’s more tomatoey.

    • True – what is it about that? It really does taste better though!

  7. Awesome! i didn’t know you had this blog …until literally right now!! now i can keep up with your busy life while i am leading a hectic one too 🙂

  8. Awh, I want a puppy — Although I’m not sure that qualifies as a puppy!

    • I know, right! It’s kinda terrifying because she ACTS just like a puppy (goofy, clumsy, etc.) yet she’s as big as a horse! And the damage her tail can do……

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