Posted by: thefitacademic | January 3, 2011

January Goals!!!

Thanks for the comments – we made it back to Tucson finally around 8:30 pm last night. I’ll tell ya one thing – that drive never gets any easier or shorter!

So my question yesterday:

What did I do while in the room by myself immediately before my wedding?

A. Said a little prayer

B. Downed a quick glass of champagne

C. Updated my facebook status

D. Did some push-ups to make my arms look buff

E. Sat on the floor in Siddhasana (seated pose) and meditated

The answer was D! So silly, I know, but since I was wearing a strapless gown, I thought why not do a couple push ups real quick to make the blood pump up there & make me look “buff” Smile I’m a nerd – what do you want from me?

On another note, earlier I mentioned that I don’t always make resolutions, but I like to set monthly goals. Last month I made 5. This month I only have 3.

1. Take time for myself: I’ve really been missing some of my old hobbies. I loved playing guitar & I used to spend hours scrapbooking (I know I’m kinda an old lady like that). But I’m over a year behind in scrapbooking & haven’t played guitar in a couple months. I also want to keep up with my nails – I’ve been trying to grow them out, but it’s a lot of maintenance & I never take the time to file, paint etc. to keep them nice but I’d like to start!

2. Workouts: Until the half-marathon, nothing will change. After it’s over (January 16th), I want to start focusing more on higher intensity workouts  and/or increased interval training. Not exactly sure yet – we’ll revisit this goal mid-month

3. Cooking:  Lately I have not been cooking a lot – we’ve been out of town, and even before we left I was relying on super speedy meals and just throwing things hastily together and wasn’t really enjoying the process. So I’d like to take more time to cook – 1 day a week do a new recipe, or something fun (sushi) and just try to have more fun with it.

It’s funny, all of my goals this month basically revolve around taking “Me Time.”  Hopefully I can squeeze that much time out of my days!

To kick off my “goals”, I decided today that I wanted to make some burgers. But not just any burgers, I’ve seen Chelsey & Christin make bean-based burgers recently & I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

I still wanted to use meat (so these are non-vegetarian burgers) & just supplement the meat with beans. Here’s what I did:

Took half a can of black beans (saved the rest for later this week)PICT2620

+ 4 mini carrots, 1 jalapeno


and 3 cloves of garlic (all chopped) and threw them in the food processor until smooth


Mixed together with meat


and shaped into patties. Grilled them on the handy new oven-top grill plate we got for our wedding


Topped with cheese, more jalapenos (this time sauteed ones) & low-fat bacon & baked until the cheese was melted


Put it on top of an Onion bun we got from the farmer’s market


and served with a side of steamed veggies (I cheated and used the bagged kind)


All together now!


The consensus – not bad. The meat was kind of more of a meat-loaf type consistency than a typical burger (some of held together better than others). Should have added bread crumbs and/or ground flax to help it clump together better. The problem was that the black bean mixture had made them too goopy (is that a word?)

Followed with one of my Mom’s homemade caramels for dessert


(Rocky thought I was giving it to him, silly dog!)

I’m so glad to be back home trying to settle in! It’s always great to go visit family, but there’s just nothing like sleeping in your own bed at night, ya know?

What else have I been up to?

Munching on lots of fruit (both on car-trip and for breakfast this morning)PICT2595

My Nana gave us this huge platter for the car trip & we still have some leftover!

a healthy lunch


1/2 pita (they were huge) stuffed with baked chicken, spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, and bacon crumbles. With more fruit on the side!

Decided the apple slices could use some Barney Butter


And, in addition to tonight’s dinner, I also made some homemade hummus to last me throughout the week (thought since I had dug the food processor from the bottom of the cabinet, I should get good use out of it!)

I took these guys


(garlic, EVOO, lemon juice, chickpeas, and sesame seeds)

added these guys for some heat


(Ground Cayenne pepper + fresh jalapeno)

and processed until smooth.


Threw in an air-tight container and DONE!


I tried just a touch on a carrot stick (to make sure it wasn’t poisonedWinking smile). Not bad. It was my first time making hummus – I wish I had actual tahini (which is really just sesame seed paste) instead of the whole sesame seeds. But, not bad. And the spices really give it a good little kick!

In addition to my above goals, I hope to spend a good chunk of time this month organizing and deep-cleaning, so prepare yourself for some pics of what will hopefully be clean and orderly nooks and crannies all over our little house!



  1. I would LOVE to make my own hummus at home but can never seem to find tahini when I go to the store, boo.

    I’ve never had burgers with black beans mixed in but I am intrigued and it sounds good. Even more so b/c I did meatless monday today lol

  2. Haha, I love that you did push ups right before your wedding! : )

  3. oooh thanks for the reminder! My friend made homemade hummus and sent me home with a giant container! I wonder how long its good for? I know my food safety classes always gripe about 4 days then toss… but come on! hummus has to be an exception to the rule… right?

    your pita looks amaaaaazing! ❤

  4. I made a bean burger for dinner too! I love hummus and can never have enough of it.

    I think the ride back home is certainly not shorter but something about departing from all the festivities and returning back to schedule makes it just a tad bit longer and boring!

    • Very true – you don’t have all the same fun stuff to look forward to!

  5. Aren’t those Barney Butter squeeze packs the shiz? Sometimes I’ll just eat it straight out of the package 😉

    • haha, I was going to comment on how I managed to use an entire packet on I think it was 3-4 little apple slices! : ) basically the apples were being used as shovels just to get the AB into my mouth : )

  6. Oh, and those burgers sound badass. I don’t think I would have thought to put meat and beans in the same burger! And anything tastes better on an onion bun.

  7. Love your goals! I would totally do push ups before walking down the aisle! Gotta look buff!

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