Posted by: thefitacademic | January 2, 2011

Our Wedding Day (Part I)

So anyone who has gotten married (or really had any professional portraits done) knows, it takes what feels like FOREVER to get the edited pictures back! Well – mine have come in & since we’re all new friends, I thought I would share with you the story of our wedding day – Part I (getting ready & before the ceremony). I’ll post next week with the rest of the pictures from the ceremony and reception. Also, if you missed the post on my bridal portraits, you can see it here.

All photos are courtesy of Magan Blasig of Urban Grey Photography in Austin, Texas.

The place where we got married & had the reception was so cool because we were able to go in at noon & be there all day! So, I got there early with some of my girls to get dressed & have our hair done.

I was going to do a white girl weave, but it was the wrong color so I had to go without.

The Jordans-100

I LOVE our rings! We were fortunate to have a hook-up at the jeweler!

The Jordans-105

I look bossy, but everyone said I was one of the calmest brides they’d ever seen. After being with the man for over EIGHT YEARS, believe me – I was READY for this day!!!

The Jordans-110

My girls didn’t un-tie the back enough, so I got stuck in the dress trying to get it over my shoulders!

The Jordans-112

There we go! But I’ve got a hair in my face  – luckily my Nana is around to brush the strand from my eyes

The Jordans-116

Lacing me all up!

The Jordans-121

And then I needed help putting on my shoes because I couldn’t reach across my giant hoop skirt (swear I was not being a Diva!)

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

We did a “First Look” (without the look). If you’re not familiar with that – it’s pictures that the bride and groom do before the wedding. Sometimes they actually see each other, and other times (like what I did) they don’t actually see each other. For this shot, I was hidden on one side of the door – Chris met me on the other, then we opened the door just so the camera could see us (and we couldn’t see each other). I was glad I got to talk to Chris for a second before the ceremony – it seemed to set us both at ease!

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

We took TONS of pictures before the ceremony – I love the whole rustic feel!

The Jordans-126

I love my girls so much & I’m so glad that each one of them was able to be a part of my day – many came from out of the city, 2 from out of state! I can’t imagine my wedding without them!

Ashley & Chris Jordan's WeddingAshley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Check out my precious niece (and flower girl), Eva, as she is practicing for her “job”.

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

The girls had to keep him from making a last-minute mad-dash! Winking smileAshley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

The boys are just too cool

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

Almost time now! This window looks over the ceremony site – I was able to watch the guests arrive without them seeing me!

Ashley & Chris Jordan's Wedding

At this point, the anticipation was killing me! My Mom had been seated & all my bridesmaids were lined up with the groomsmen. At this point I guess it’s usually the bride alone with her Dad. My Dad & I don’t have that kind of relationship – my Grandpa was walking me down the aisle & he’s in a wheelchair so he was waiting outside. So, there was a good 5 minutes or so that  I was hidden in the room all by myself.

What did I do while in the room by myself immediately before my wedding?

A. Said a little prayer

B. Downed a quick glass of champagne

C. Updated my facebook status

D. Did some push-ups to make my arms look buff

E. Sat on the floor in Siddhasana (seated pose) and meditated

Feel free to leave a guess in the comments section.

Now, Chris & I are hitting the road for home again! Wish us luck! Next time we speak I’ll be hitting you up from back in Tucson! Oh – and I wanted to give Christin another shout out & THANK YOU for the amazing road-trip snacks (see my bag here)! I didn’t go into too much detail the day we met because it was CRAZY (just before Christmas and all), but lunch with her was my very first bloggy meet-up and it was so nice to get to meet her in person! It was too sweet to make a snack-bag for us & BELIEVE ME, it will be put to good use today on the road!



  1. Gorgeous pictures! Red and black is my favorite color combo so I love the colors 🙂

    I’ve never heard of the first look picture before but I think it’s a cute idea.

  2. Great pics from your wedding – you made a lovely bride. And I got a good chuckle out of your pushups before the ceremony. 🙂

  3. Your wedding day looks so much fun! And your pictures are amazing! 🙂

  4. haha I had the same layout where I was able to watch my guests and even my husband arrive! It was glorious. Aside from my mom showing up late and then making me cry — best flipping day ever.

    you look AMAZING in your dress — the flowers, hair.. all of it – just gorgeous! =)

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! And you looked amazing!

    Wishing you many years of love and happiness 🙂

  6. I looooove wedding photos, and your photographer seriously rocks!! You are smokin’ hot in your dress, and that “first look” photo is the cutest freakin thing ever. And I’m so happy my snack bag will come in handy for you guys… road trip snacks rule! Have a safe trip home, lady!!! xoxo

  7. Oh! And if I may recommend squeezing the Barney Butter packet onto one of the Clif bars… ZOMG delicious!

    • omg, i’ve got to try that! I squeezed one onto an apple we had, but I think we’ve still got both a Clif bar & an almond butter packet left so that is going to HAVE to happen : )

  8. Such beautiful photos! You look amazing.

  9. Congratulations! You look great. I’ve recently started reading your blog and I read that you’re in Tucson! I can’t wait to go home for a visit!

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