Posted by: thefitacademic | January 1, 2011

5 things + 5 goals check-up

Sorry, guys! I fully intended to post an update yesterday, but the days was so jam-packed that it just got away from me!

And there’s so much that I want to say, so let’s just dive right in, shall we?

1. Trash the Dress. Was Awesome! It’ll be awhile until I get the pics back (and I’ll be sure to post), but we got some great shots in and had so much fun – we went canoeing on town lake! If you don’t know what a trash-the-dress shoot is, check it out  – you may want to do one yourself! (only beware if you decide to do your own! I’ve been given SO MUCH CRAP from ALL of the adult women in my family about trashing my wedding gown. Everything from shock to outrage & even some tears have been shed over my decision! So think it over carefully, but do what’s right for you).

2. Hair Color. FAIL!


This is me yesterday, furiously sending out some wedding thank-yous in between everything else. Notice a difference with my hair? If not, then you are in good company along with the 90% of my own family who didn’t notice the difference! The picture on the box was a beautiful auburn color, but I guess since my hair was so light to begin with – the dark didn’t really take very well. There’s definitely some reddish tones that have been added, but I was hoping for something much darker. I’m going to wait a few weeks and try again (I don’t want to dye again right now – it’s too damaging! But don’t you worry – I’ll be going dark before you know it!)

3. Weekly Workouts. So you guys all know that I’m not scared to switch up my planned workouts. But I generally just swap the ordering of things, rather than omitting things altogether. This week since I was sick a couple days, I basically completely re-worked my planned workouts. I’ve updated online to reflect the reality of what’s actually been happening. And, yes, I did get that 8-miler in. Proof:


4. Birthday. It was a good one. Good food, family & friends, new running shoes & other running accessories, a precious new coat (see below), new purse, and ringing in the New Year in good company.


which brings me to #5

5. New Year!!! 2010 was a year of extremes for me and my family. We had some amazingly wonderful experiences (weddings – including my own!, births, miraculous recoveries), as well as some absolutely terrible and sorrowful times (family members’ illnesses, relentless injuries, multiple open-heart surgeries & deaths). I’m hoping that 2011 is a little bit calmer….not so much of a roller-coaster. But no matter what, I’m glad to be on the ride & am grateful for all of these experiences. They bring loved ones together (in good & in bad) and they make us who we are as individuals. And I have some pretty amazing people in my life. For that, I am thankful.

Now, enough of the sappy stuff.

Resolutions, anyone?

I’ve seen everyone’s resolutions in the bloggosphere catching on like wildfire! I have kind of a different opinion about resolutions. Some years I make them, other years I don’t. In my professional life, I like to make 5 year goals which I then break down into annual goals, monthly goals, and even weekly or daily goals, as needed. I think the same thing is really helpful in our personal lives if there’s something “big” that you’re working toward. However, I do not believe that these goals have to be set on January 1st just simply because of the New Year. This year, nothing huge has jumped out at me that I want to work on in my personal life. So, instead, I’m going to keep my tradition of just making small monthly goals. If something comes up that I want to work toward as a “big” goal – then I can work toward it at any time. Doesn’t matter that it’s not a new year!

That being said, I did have some specific goals from December, so let’s revisit & see how I did!

1. Take more photos for the blog. I’m pretty happy in this domain. I wasn’t striving for perfection, just for improvement. And I think I’ve managed to make a vast improvement in this arena. So I still don’t take pictures every single time I eat something. That’s just too hard for me (good for those of you who do!). But what I’m doing seems to work for me, so I’m happy with the improvements.

2. Take some time for myself, family, and friends. I’ve done a great job, especially over the Christmas holidays, with spending time with family and friends. I need to improve still with taking time for myself. I’ll be making January goals (look for that post, I believe, on Monday), and I think it will include something more specific about taking time for myself!

3. Continue workouts at least 5 times a week. I’m really happy with my work in this area, too – especially with all of the craziness of the holidays, I really managed to make time for this! Maybe in January I’ll work on upping intensity of workouts….we’ll see…

4. Make healthy food choices…85% of the time. Also pretty pleased with this goal. It’s so important to make realistic goals! I knew with the holidays and being at home that I would be inundated with home-cooking and yummy treats. The trick is to keep a balance, and I think I’ve done pretty well.

5. Buy and make cheap, but thoughtful and creative Christmas gifts. Okay, this was a total fail, but if you say my mid-month goals check-up, then you know that I basically gave up on this by the middle of the month! Sometimes you have to reassess your goals and tweak them if necessary. It’s not a failure if you learn from it and make it work for you. In this case, I just didn’t have time to physically make presents. But, I have a lot of January birthdays coming up (basically 90% of my family was born in January or February!), so hopefully I can put my ideas to good use for birthdays rather than Christmas gifts.

Tomorrow we hit the road again back to Tucson. I’m working on a wedding-related post with lots of amazing pictures from the wedding that I’ll post in the morning to keep you all busy while I’m traveling cross-country. Again. Oh joys – how I look forward to these never-ending road trips Confused smile

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!!!



  1. I can totally see a difference in your hair, and I think it looks neat! I applaud you for still going through with trash the dress… I think that idea is fantastic and the fact that you went canoeing rocks even harder… can’t freakin WAIT to see the pics!!!

  2. Aww you don’t like the color? I think it looks great! I can’t wait to see the trash the dress photos and to read more of your fun blog this brand spankin’ new year! yay!


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