Posted by: thefitacademic | December 30, 2010

Birthday Madness

Today is the Quad’s 2nd Birthday (my nieces & nephews, if you’re unfamiliar)! It’s pretty amazing, considering we were unsure if they’d even survive….much less make it to the big 2! My sister-in-law, Jenna, has documented their roller coaster of health and wellness in her blog, so I won’t go into details. Just know that it’s been a scary and tough two years for these kiddos!

Today we celebrate! Here’s the small stack of presents that has been accumulating on the floor of my Mom’s bedroom for us to take over for the party this evening.PICT2576

We’re going to go over, have some pizza and ice cream, open presents & just hang out. Although today is their actual birthday, only the family is celebrating today. They’ve scheduled a big Circus-themed party for the end of January to celebrate with friends, and I’m sad I’ll be back in Arizona so I’ll miss it.

Incidentally, tomorrow is MY birthday. As evidenced by small stack of presents for ME:PICT2575

Exciting stuff! I know I’ve got some new running shoes in there (thanks, Mom!) but otherwise I’ve got everything I need already – and then some – from Christmas, so not sure what I’ll be opening.

Right now I’m primping for Trash-the-dress. Just dyed my hair…..I usually just stay natural, but wanted to go a little darker for the photo shoot & decided last minute so I just did it myself instead of going to a salon. It’s still wet so I can’t really tell if the color came out well. We’ll see – I’ll post a pic soon.

Now I’m doing my nails, then out the door!


Are you ready for New Years? Are you making resolutions?



  1. Happy almost birthday, and a HUGE happy birthday to those kiddos! They are little miracles! I can’t wait to see your darker hair… I bet it looks kickass with your eyes!

  2. happy birthday 😀
    im so ready for the new year! hope you have a great night/great birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday – hope it’s great!!

  4. Happy birthday!! I dont make resolutions because I seem to forget them throughout the year. Instead, I make monthly goals with a bigger end goal in mind, and work each month to achieve the bigger goal

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