Posted by: thefitacademic | December 27, 2010


Okay, so I realize that the NE is now experiencing blizzards & much of the country is buried under SNOW, but here in Austin, Texas – a little frost & weather in the 20’s is COLD, y’all! Open-mouthed smile

This morning when I woke up I had to scrape ice off the car for the first time this yearPICT2523

My mom was sweet enough to let me borrow her car. Isn’t she too cute with the little wreath!?


She was also watching out for Rocky – making sure he stays warm! Check out his new threads from Christmas!


A UT hoodie!


Believe it or not – he actually LOVES wearing clothes! He’s not crazy about the hood, but once he swipes it off, he just cozies all up inside, curls up in a ball, and snoozes. My precious baby!

So here’s my day in a nutshell

Work all morning at home in my cozy moose socks


Christmas leftovers in salad form for lunch.


I plated up spinach, crumbled up cheese ball (side-story: these gourmet cheese balls from HEB are AMAZING! If you live in Texas, you MUST purchase 1! They’re all different, but this one was made from cream cheese, pesto, almond slivers and other deliciousness! Seriously – you will thank me!), several carrots (most are hidden under the spinach – promise there’s more than 3), shredded chicken, a hand-full of corn, and a vinaigrette dressing.

The afternoon included lots of shopping, some returns, miscellaneous errands, and then there was dinner. More Christmas leftoversPICT2528

chicken breast, corn, mashed potatoes & gravy, some crackers & more cheese ball (I’m telling you – they are incredible! 1 was a cranberry, coconut blend; the other was a pineapple/mandarin orange blend.)

I tried to do a close-up, but my camera super sucks


couldn’t finish it all – left a little chicken, about 1/2 the potatoes, and a wee bit of corn (but I sure did manage to eat all the cheese!).

And now I’m about to curl up on the couch & work on more school-work. I’m trying to prep for a course I’ll be teaching in the Spring & it is a LOT of work to prep a new course!

Did you have to go back to work today?



  1. Ok, so I love Rocky’s hoodie big time! I want one too 😉

    • only $25 – pretty good for dog gear! But its from a store in the Y at Oak Hill, so it’s quite a drive!

  2. Cheese ball on a salad? So creative… and so flipping yummy! Is it weird that I love salads as much as junk food? they are just so versatile! ❤

    Glad you had a great Christmas! ❤


  3. Our dog loves wearing clothes too! 🙂 Crazy that you are having colder weather than we are in Utah, we are actually above freezing, but snow is coming this week. Nice to find your blog.

  4. I love dogs in clothes—adorable! My dog has his WVU fleece hoodie on right now. He seems to enjoy it but won’t wear the hood.

    I was in FL this wknd and it got down to the low 30’s—kinda bummed since I had beach plans but oh well!

    • so crazy – my dog has a hoodie but also won’t wear the hood! Sucks about Florida’s freak cold storm!

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