Posted by: thefitacademic | December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Today has been really busy & I only have a sec so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Started off the day with a particularly toxic-looking (although delicious) green monsterPICT2477

Ran a couple miles, got dressed, ran some errands, ate thesePICT2476

Picked up my nephews to take them to The Big Bounce



They are a set of quadruplets:  2 boys & 2 girls. My sister & I picked up the boys to watch for a few hours today.



Met up with Christin at Kerbey Lane Café in NW Austin.

Had hummus & a pesto chicken panini with black beans


Look what Christin brought me! So sweet!


And even a treat for Rocky!


After lunch, Chris & I went to visit Rocky (whose staying at our friends’ house).

Then more Christmas shopping.

And a snack from Christin’s treat bag split with Chris.


Now more running around (& hopefully a dinner squeezed in!?) and meeting up with friends later!

Are you enjoying the holidays, or are you running around like crazy?



  1. Hehehe yay us! Had an awesome time, and I’m glad you like your goody bag. Those Z-bars rock my dang world! 🙂 I’ll get our picture up tomorrow!

  2. I am quite enjoying the holidays, I vegged out all day on the couch. Love clif bars.

  3. What cute babies 🙂 I bet they had a lot of fun at that place!! I am definitely enjoying the holidays. My hubby has to work, but he will be home tonight so that we can celebrate. I plan on staying in all day, working out, and creating some delicious treats for family 🙂

  4. I’m enjoying, although I wish it was a little more hectic. LOL, they’re so easy going this year that I’m bored!

  5. i get those Zbars for my daughter. she LOVES them 🙂
    i’m freakin’ about the holiday and also enjoying it.
    i freak out for a weird reason though-i’m such a frugal minimalist that i get antsy when i see so much “stuff” in the house. like, “gahhhhhh! more toys! more things to take care of, clean, organize, etc.”
    but, then i purge alot of old stuff so it balances out. And i remind myself of the reason for the season and peace washes over me.

  6. I’m enjoying the hoildays but definitely running around like craaaaazy right now! It’s Christmas eve and I STILL have shopping, WRAPPING, and several other small things to do! But it’s all in good fun. 🙂

  7. […] to give Christin another shout out & THANK YOU for the amazing road-trip snacks (see my bag here)! I didn’t go into too much detail the day we met because it was CRAZY (just before Christmas and […]

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