Posted by: thefitacademic | December 22, 2010

Goals Check-Up

First – let me just say thanks for your comments & concern about the dogs. Both are doing well. The bro-in-law’s dog is now missing a tiny piece of his ear (permanently), but this was the only flesh wound above just scrapes and scratches, so all things considered – we were very lucky.


do you see the little knick on the very lower left corner of his ear?


let me get a better shot!


There we go. Ouch – looks painful!

We have taken my dog to a friends’ house so I wouldn’t have to worry about these two being together. It’s a scary situation, but it’s over now.

And can you believe how fast time is flying??? It’s basically Christmas – and then it’s basically New Years – so that makes now basically January, right?

Since I recently made some goals and I know the rest of the month flies by, I wanted to have a check-up and see how I’m doing & what needs improvement.

1. Take more photos for the blog. Verdict = 1/2 Success

I started the month strong, but since coming back to Texas I haven’t been doing great. Okay, lets be honest – the whole fam doesn’t know about the food blog thing so I’m kinda nervous about….ripping the band-aid off? I dunno. Seems like a bad analogy, but that’s kinda how it feels

2. Take some time for myself, family, and friends. Verdict = 1/2 Success

Okay – well I’ve done basically nothing for myself, I’ve spent an “okay” amount of time with friends (not none, but not a ton), but now that we’re back home, we’re basically with family 24 hours, so we’re doing good on that

3. Continue workouts at least 5 times a week. Verdict = Success!!!

Woo hoo – still going strong (and actually sticking to my workout schedule)

4. Make healthy food choices…..85% of the time. Verdict = 1/2 Success???

I don’t know. I’ve had good stretches and bad stretches, but if I had to put it into percentages, I feel like I’m only being “good” about maybe 65-70% of the time. I’ve had a lot of Christmas cookies and hot chocolates lately. I like to allow myself some indulgences, but I feel like I could probably stand to be a little bit more selective in what I shovel in my mouth eat.

5. Buy and make cheap, but thoughtful and creative Christmas gifts. Verdict = total FAIL

Okay – the only presents I’ve bought so far came from Trader Joes (what? There’s not one near Austin & I want my fam to know what they’re missing out on! Hello peppermint hot chocolate, popcorn tin, and eggnog cookies for my Mom, bro-in-law, and bro, respectively) Winking smile

Otherwise, I haven’t “made” a single gift. Instead I’ve bought crap. And for most people, I haven’t actually even bought anything yet.

So.. blah! Doesn’t look like I’ve been doing to well! I guess when you spread yourself too thin you don’t get any 1 thing accomplished 100%. Plus I’ve been giving a lot of time and attention to school-related matters still.

I hadn’t even realized, but it’s kind of been a stressful & working vacation thus far! Hopefully that changes, at least for X-mas Eve/X-mas Day!? Hopefully? What can ya do?

Today I’ve spent all morning working on school stuff. I feel so behind. It’s not a fun feeling around the holidays when I just want to be relaxing, hanging with friends, and enjoying my family.

I snuck in a banana for breakfast


and leftover Chuys for lunch


chicken taquitos (they’ve got chicken, green chilis, and spices inside the tortilla. wrapped up & lightly fried). Served with a salad and hand-full of carrots.

Oh yeah, and this stuff:


This is Chuy’s famous Creamy Crack….I mean Jap. It’s actual name is “creamy jalapeno”, but if you have ever been to a Chuys (they’re just in Texas right now, but have plans of expansion to Louisiana and across the SE US), you’ve probably heard of this thick, delicious white stuff. It’s a jalapeno ranch dressing – actually intended as a salad dressing. But customers started asking for it to dip their chips in…..and it is INCREDIBLE! I could eat ANYTHING as long as it’s covered in some of this crack-like substance (earned the name Creamy Crack because it is seriously addictive). Here’s the finished plate, loaded up with avocado & creamy jap


Right now I have a date with this guy


My mom has an old-school “manual-style” elliptical machine that usually sits snugly in the corner of the upstairs living area. Yes, I’m supposed to be running today & doing elliptical tomorrow. Yes, I’m changing up my workout schedule again. You gotta just do what works sometimes, ya know?

Later this afternoon I MUST get to the mall to actually buy Christmas gifts. Ugh! I’ve been horrible this year! I need to think about how to do things differently next year because I don’t enjoy all the stress of last-minute mall madness, etc. I’m not a big shopper, to begin with (blasphemy, I know).

Do you ever workout from home? Do you like it?



  1. Good luck shopping for gifts at the mall today!

  2. For what it’s worth, Trader Joe’s gifts for those not fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of one are BAD-A$$! 😉

  3. sorry to hear about the dogs not getting along, glad they are ok though and now apart, I wish we had an exercise machine in our place, because in the winter Im in hibernation and dont want to go to the gym in the cold!

    • I feel ya! It’s so hard to get motivated to get out when it’s freezing!

  4. Gah I want an elliptical!! I would be on it ALL THE TIME. I love working out while watching tv, I do a bunch of ab work/pushup combos during commercials and I know I could easily spend an hour on that machine just watching football or something. SOmetimes a mindless workout is just what I need!!

  5. I’ve made a dressing like that jalapeno ranch!! SO good!

  6. I wish I had something to workout on at home, but home workouts are usually confined to a workout DVD or just some light stretching and toning.

    And good job for getting on the elliptical…running, elliptical, it’s all exercise, right?

    • Yeah – I don’t have any machines at my house (the elliptical is at my Mom’s). I have a few different size hand weights that I sometimes use at home for strength training, but otherwise it’s generally videos for me, too!

  7. […] cheap, but thoughtful and creative Christmas gifts. Okay, this was a total fail, but if you say my mid-month goals check-up, then you know that I basically gave up on this by the middle of the month! Sometimes you have to […]

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