Posted by: thefitacademic | December 21, 2010

Settling In???

Well, we have arrived in Austin, Texas!

And yet it’s been nothing but stressful since we arrived (WTH?)

Usually we leave around 6am, arriving in Austin by about 9pm-ish. This time we decided to leave extra early in hopes that we could arrive by dinner time & eat with our family. We left at 4:00am & arrived predictably just a little after 7pm. Chris’ Mom made taco salads (not pictured – sorry!) that we feasted on with his brothers around the table.

Since then we’ve had a series of mishaps and annoyances. I don’t want to dwell on all the little things, ruminating in negativity. I’ll just say that this morning, everything culminated with my bro-in-law’s dog attacking my Rocky baby. Dog fight.

They’re both okay. There were several adults present, so we managed to squash the situation very quickly. They both have very minor wounds that don’t require veterinary attention.

****FLASHBACK to 2006*****

I was hurt pretty badly when I was the sole witness to a dog fight between two very large dogs. I did the absolute WRONG thing by trying to physically pull the dogs off each other by myself (Tip:  RIGHT thing is to spray them with a hose). In the battle, I was bitten several times on my hands and arms (the dogs were never trying to bite me, but I was caught up in the cross-fire as I was trying to separate the two). I had to go to the ER (my only trip ever) and it was a horrible and traumatic experience.




Back to now – even though both of our dogs are “okay”, I do not feel comfortable keeping Rocky here any more (which was our original plan for these 2 weeks). I’ve got it all covered by now, but this is what I’ve been dealing with for hours.

Here are my (very minor) battle wounds from this round:


minor scrapes/scratches

So I’ve been up to that….and then I engaged in some retail therapy : )

I’m now the proud owner of lots of cute socks, new running shoes, and a couple cute sweater/shirt things.




Today has also been a day of eating out



and for dinner we’re going to Chuys – only the best TexMex in the WORLD! Its really absolutely sinful! Can’t wait!

Also – thanks to everyone who expressed concern last week for Rocky’s tender paws (he had hurt his paws at the dog park). He’s now completely healed!

Do you usually have relaxing holidays, or do you have to deal with some holiday or family-related drama?



  1. Awww my older sister just moved to Texas a few months ago. Her hubby is in the military, so they move a lot.
    Sorry the puppers got into a fight. My pup has been safe so far, but I always worry when she meets a new dog she will get bit. Shes pretty hyper. I think about biting her half the time just to get her to calm down 😉

  2. Eeek, sorry about the fight girl!! I’m glad you came out mostly unscathed. And waaaay cute socks btw!

  3. Sorry to hear about the doggie fight. 😦

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new socks. I’m a big fan of argyle anything and funky looking socks.

  4. oh wow!! that can be scary stuff!! i’m so glad YOU are ok and nothing more serious happened.
    i actually did that same thing with 2 cats when i was 4 years old (tried pulling them apart) and have some SUPER nasty scars on my thighs. my grandma wrapped up the wounds and when my dad showed up he almost barfed when he saw the unwrapped wounds.
    i’m so scared of dogs the way it is, that if they start fighting i just walk away. when i was little i was bit in the face by my cousin’s dog.
    weird how i’m scared of dogs, but not cats.
    anyway, i hope the rest of your vacay goes smoothly.

  5. New running shoes!! YAY!!!

  6. omg Jamba Juice!! I miss those! Georgia unfortunately does not have those. :/ I used to get them all the time back home in Arizona. Strawberry Nirvana is definitely a favorite that I will be getting, along with awesome Mexican food, when I make a visit back to the good ol’ desert.

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