Posted by: thefitacademic | December 14, 2010

Lucky 13

Today I finished my last long run before the race – my longest run to date: 13 miles!!! From here I’m doing a gradual taper (next week’s long run is still 10 miles, then down from there). The goal is that I want to keep my body used to running long distances for the next 4 weeks until race day, but I can’t be doing any more 12 and 13 milers between now and race day. I need a break! : )

I felt good on today’s run. I swear, once I got past my 7 mile hump – I  could just keep running forever! But for some reason, EVERY time I hit between 7 & 8 miles, I have awhile where I have to put on my “game face” and just keep going because that’s definitely where I hit my wall!

To fuel my run I had my standard pre-run food: a banana on almond butter toast. Sadly, I discovered that I’m basically out of AB this morning (just enough left for some oats in a jar tomorrow!), so I had to substitute some dark chocolate peanut butter for my almond butter. Since they’re both nut butters I knew I’d be fine…but I did miss having the almond butter flavor.


I also tried something new for a little extra “boost” (its best to experiment pre-race day. I’ve heard that on the day of the race – you want to stick with what you know best)


It was weird – these little individually-wrapped chews:


The verdict?  Kinda gross! I thought the pineapple mango flavor would be right up my alley, but it was pretty tough to get down. I usually just use gels (Gu), and I HATE the texture & consistency, but at least I don’t gag as I try to down them. Not sure if I’ll experiment with something else before the race but if not, then I’ll probably be sticking with my Gu gels.

I also strapped on my Fuel Belt for the long run (like how it’s reflective for safety?)


And I learned a lesson: Do NOT freeze the bottle of water the night before! I thought it would be hot enough that it would melt while I was out, but I ended up not having enough water because it was all frozen! It was pretty frustrating around miles 10-13!

Then I got home & had to rush through a shower & getting dressed to get to an appointment for Chris. It was tough just to walk! We were planning to grab a smoothie after the appointment, but I was FAMISHED, so I was ready for an early lunch (it was around 11:30ish, so it wasn’t too early). So when we got home I made this:


I took the leftover pot roast from last night & chopped it all up on a cutting board, while simultaneously browning some onion, jalapeno, and garlic in a skillet


Added the chopped beef & simmered, adding some BBQ sauce we had on hand


Plated it up open-faced on some wheat bread, topped with a little cheese, and devoured it!

Then I needed some Rocky love. I went outside to find him soaking up some sun


In case you are unfamiliar with Tucson, Arizona – we do not have grass here. EVERYTHING is just dirt, weed, or gravel. Rocky doesn’t get the physics of how dirt can kick up in the air. When I came outside he saw me and started wagging his little tail. But, his tail was kicking up all this dirt & it was getting into his eyes, so he was forced to squint them shut. But, he just kept wagging so the dust kept flying. Eventually, he had to get up.


Silly dog – you just don’t get it, do you!?

Then we napped together. : )

And when I awoke I needed more fuel! So I green monstered it up!

TONS of spinach, handfull of pineapple, vanilla-flavored almond milk, 3/4 a banana, and 1/2 an orange. Plus a handfull of unsweetened coconut shreds.PICT2368

Why waist glassware when I can drink straight from the blender (aka: all the glasses are in the dishwasher currently)

And now I’m enjoying the smell of Christmas (Christmas Tree, that is)


as well as our new Mr & Mrs Christmas ornament (despite the fact that we don’t have a tree)


Oh well – whatevs!

Up next? I see some school work in my future! ; )



  1. Woohoo!! Congrats on the 13 miles.

  2. I love pine scented candles! I could burn them all year long! Nice job on the run! Have fun with your school work!

  3. Congrats on a successful run!

  4. Great run and meal! I’ve tried the FRS drink and it was pretty gross as well. I think the Hammer gels are organic if that’s a concern, and the Cliff shot bloks are the same “chew” idea but they taste good.

    • Oh – you’re right! I’ve tried the Cliff shot blocks and liked them a lot better (totally forgot all about ’em)! Maybe that’s what I’ll go with! Yikes I need to make up my mind & start using it on long runs to make sure I’m used to it!

  5. I’ve had a tough time finding good fuel for long runs too. I think my first choice are Sports Beans because I don’t like the texture of Gu and other fuel is too much to chew while running. I still get sick of the sugary taste though… If you find something good, let me know!

    • We can keep each other updated! I think maybe I’ll try the Sports Beans out…I really don’t like the texture of Gu either, but that’s what I’ve been dealing with. I’m also thinking about experimenting with getting calories through a drink (sports beverage like gator-aid or similar). Have you ever tried that before?

  6. Great run! I’m doing 8 miles on Saturday, and I’m going to experiment with my first gel packet. It’s a Clif Shot, but I’ve never done gels before…hope I don’t get tummy troubles!

  7. Hahaha I don’t have a tree either and was the recipient of two new ornaments at an ornament exchange tonight. I am thinking about tacking them to the wall by my desk since I’m here all day anyway! 🙂

    • I have mine hanging on a tack in my kitchen where I’m also hanging a big oven mitt. Lol. I want to be able to see it, ya know?

  8. dang-nice run,girl. bummer about the frozen water bottle 😦 that would be so frustrating!!
    leftover pot roast is SO good, even when you’re not famished.
    hope the tapering goes well 🙂

  9. Isn’t that the best feeling? When you bust through the wall and then feel you could go forever with a workout? Great job on the run!

  10. Congrats on the long run! I love that you drink straight out of the blender. I really should think of doing that…sometimes the dishes pile up and whats the point of adding another when I can drink straight from the blender? lol Good thing you figured out the water thing BEFORE your race though right? Always better to get to your race PREPARED!!

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