Posted by: thefitacademic | December 13, 2010

Change of Plans

Do you always stick to a workout schedule, or do you go with the flow? I’m always changing things around to go with my mood & schedule. As long as I get in all the scheduled workouts, I really don’t care what days said workouts occur on.

Unfortunately, last week I didn’t do my 1 “long run” scheduled for the week – which is kind of a big deal, because I’m on a half marathon training schedule & this was my second to last long run before tapering.

Sooo, I switched some things around, re-worked my schedule a bit & I feel really good about it. I’ve been “training” for MUCH longer than is typical for marathon or half-marathon training. When I started, I thought it would be a good thing because I’m still relatively new to running (didn’t even buy my first pair of “real” running shoes until last Christmas, so it’s just now been a year!) But, looking back, I wish that I wouldn’t have started up so soon. It’s hard to keep up the stamina of long runs on weekends for months on end. Time, alone, is a limiting factor. But there’s also just LIFE that gets in the way.

But, like I said – I think the changes I made to my program will actually make it better. This week I’ll have my last long run, and then I’ll have a good taper period. And I’m sooooo close! Only 5 weeks until race day! I really can’t wait! If you want to see my revised workout schedule, check out my Weekly Workouts tab.

And to prepare for (what will now be) my last LONG run of training, I’ve downloaded some new songs. Here are my ipod downloads from the last week:

itunes downloads:

Katy Perry – Firework

Robert Earl Keen – Merry Christmas From the Family

Sunny & Cher – I Got You Babe

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

No really new songs this week (Firework is the newest one). Sometimes I like downloading the oldies – they’re goodies that way ; )

Now….onto my EATS

Today featured a green monster for breakfast

leftover stuffed chicken (from last night) for lunch

& a slow cooker creation for dinner!

Beef pot roast with potatoes & carrots. So easy guys! I just washed & quartered potatoes, peeled & cut carrots, & emptied in a packet of Liptons Onion Soup on top of the meat! That’s it! And because I had the carrots already done (I prep carrots at the beginning of the week just for snacking, so they were already cut up), the preparation was like less than 5 minutes!

Ready to cook!

Already done!

All plated up!

Couldn’t be any easier!

What are your favorite slow-cooker creations??



  1. Though running is my workout staple and I like to fit it in 5 days a week, I like to mix everything else up – Zumba, Yoga, Resistance. It keeps things interesting and my body guessing.

  2. I switch my workout days up a lot, but sometimes switching it up tooo much just makes me want to take every day off! haha.

  3. Love slow cooker dinners…. your pot roast looks delicious!

  4. I try to make a weekly workout routine, but it’s hard to follow most days!


  5. THAT LOOKS SO GOOD. I love my crock pot….soup is my favorite, especially chili. I always switch my workouts up and I agree about it being lame having every weekend a long run…you are totally fine missing one!! Yay for Linkin Park!!

  6. go with the flow. sometimes routine is good but i vary so much in my moods and feelings that i find it hard to stick with one 😦

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