Posted by: thefitacademic | December 12, 2010

Weekend In a Nutshell

Wow – this weekend just flew by!

Friday night I went out with friends to celebrate the end of the semester! We had dinner at the Auld Dubliner in Tucson. They are awesome because they brush their french fries with a curry powder that is just an amazing little surprise! You never expect curry on fries, but it is DELISH!!!


We also over-indulged a wee with the drinks ; )

Saturday consisted of lots of errands, some R&R, a little biking, and loving with Rocky


Sunday morning I made a yummy breakfast that has always been reserved for special occasions. Today was nothing special, but I had all the ingredients so I decided to make it anyways


Sticky Roll Pull-Aparts

One 3-oz package of regular butterscotch pudding

1 cup melted butter

1 cup packed brown sugar

chopped pecans

cinnamon to taste

24 frozen dough balls (like Rhoads)



Stir butter and sugar together In a small bowl. In a bundt pan, pour pecans and place 24 frozen dough balls. Sprinkle dry pudding mix over the top & pour sugar/butter mixture on top. Sprinkle with cinnamon and cover with wax paper. Leave to rise overnight.

In the morning, bake the rolls in bundt pan at 350 for 20-30 minutes, until rolls are browned on top.


So – this is a recipe that my Mom has always used (this was our traditional Christmas morning breakfast for years and years). I don’t have a bundt pan so I cooked it in a casserole-style baking dish and it didn’t work quite as well…I found that some of the rolls were burned and others still doughy, so they didn’t cook evenly. I have made it several times with the bundt pan and it has always worked well – so if you’re going to try the recipe, I’d suggest cooking it in the correct baking dish.

Despite the uneven cooking, I found a couple that were done just perfectly!


Other weekend highlights include getting a few Christmas presents, getting some new flameless candles/decorations, going to the dog park,


yummy stuffed chicken breasts,


and just a little bit of lazing about


I’m ready for Monday! Bring it on, work-week! Last week until heading back to Texas for some family time!!!



  1. Those sticky rolls just made me tummy grumble! hehe.

  2. awwww I heart rocky! He’s just so stinkin cute! he should be in every post =) hehe

  3. Curry fries sound delish! Are you coming home to Austin?! Maybe we can meet up while you’re here! 🙂

    • I am! That would be fun! I know that time of year is always crazy, but I’ll be available, so let me know when you’re free!

      • I’m totally not going anywhere, and I’ll have 2 weeks off of class, so work is all I’ll have to worry about. Shoot, if you want a free massage I could borrow you for homework! Let me know! 🙂

      • That would be awesome! I’ll hit you up : )

  4. Ooh those sticky rolls sound fantastic.

  5. I love how your dog models. 1 cup butter? Those must be good!

    • I know, disgusting right? : ) The ones I made didn’t have nearly that much, but I only used I think 9 dough balls instead of all 24, so I basically cut all the ingredients by two-thirds.

  6. Great attitude about the workweek! Have a great time in Texas 🙂

  7. Oh gosh I am hiding this post from my hubby. He will want those rolls for breakfast everyday. He has a slight obsession with cinnamon rolls or anything resembling them lol

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  9. Just stumbled upon your blog, love the recipe for sticky roll pull-aparts. Quick and delicious

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