Posted by: thefitacademic | December 9, 2010

I’ve been holding out on ya!

So these past few days of school have been tough! I’ve been crazy busy & haven’t been giving ya the deets of the foods I’ve been eating! Well, now classes are basically over and come Monday afternoon, I’m expecting the whole place to be like a ghost city (which is awesome – I’m way more productive when it’s quiet & there are no distractions!) Plus, I have an excuse to be able to work from home, which is always fabulous!

So here are some of my recent breakfasts:


1 1/2 mini bagels: all with cream cheese & 2 with jelly


Banana blackberry green monster with Chia seeds. Also in the mix are pineapple chunks, almond milk, & greek yogurt.


For lunches I’ve had delicious sandwiches


(with turkey bacon, grilled onions & peppers, cheese, guacamole, & smoked chicken meat).

And for dinners – I remade the chicken tacos from Tuesday into Quesadillas (also with grilled peppers & onions, cheese, refried beans, & turkey bacon). There were also lots of salads (for lunch, for sides & for dinner) but no pics.

I’ll compensate: Here are some Rocky boy pics. We call this his “sweetie sleepy” mode. Love it when he’s being a sweetie-sleepy!!!


Chris had to join in the lovin’


And there were some hideous outfits! I’m known to sometimes wear some crazy stuff for sleep and/or exercise, but when Chris whipped out his camera phone to take a pic of me so he could send it to his brother (presumably so his bro could get a good chuckle), I had to admit that I did look pretty ridiculous!


Fire engine red capri pants & a bright blue T. Nice.

Do you ever weary crazy outfits for working out?


PS: Vegan Sunshine is hosting her first giveaway! Check it out here!



  1. Such a sweet puppy face! Tired pup time is so awesome! 🙂

  2. My workout outfits are fashion nightmares but they work for me. 😉

    • right? I just want to be comfy! I’m not trying to make a fashion statement!

  3. mmmm i havent eaten breakfast yet and yours looks sooo yummmy! I want it! =)
    OMG and for some reason (maybe b/c they like water and sleep in blankets instead of shavings?) my ferrets don’t smell! my friends toddlers smell worse! =) lol! Like the kitty, the ferts are litter box trained. some The ones in the petstore smell like death though. Yuuuck!

    aww and there is nothing wrong with your workout outfit!


  4. […] just for fun, here’s a sweetie-sleepy boy moment. Too precious not to […]

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