Posted by: thefitacademic | December 7, 2010

I just gotta RUN!

So today was supposed to be a “Rest” day, but when I woke up….I dunno, do you ever feel like you just need to run? Well, that’s how I felt. So I rolled with it (switching my “Workout Plan” – swapping Tuesday & Wednesday). It felt fabulous! Perfect weather – about 54 degrees, sunny & beautiful!


Unfortunately I had forgotten that I had a meeting for work at 8:30am that I totally forgot about & missed altogether.  Oh well – what can you do?

This morning I had the most delicious cup-o-joe

This sucker was a cup of French Vanilla flavored coffee beans, freshly ground & accompanied with a package of Truvia & a pretty decent amount of Mint Chocolate flavored Baileys!!!! Yep – today I needed a kick-start (*wink*) to get through my work!

After said long, grueling day at the office (trying to work on about 5 different manuscripts simultaneously), I came home & made dinner, resisting the urge to just pick up take-out. Because I’m an awesome wife like that.

On the menu? Something fast & easy – enter chicken tacos.

Whipped up some homemade flour tortillas (I swear, they’re just too easy ~ I’ll never buy them again!)

As I did that, husband made some guacamole

and started cooking the chicken

Threw it on a plate with some cheese, sour cream, guacamole & fresh spinach. Plus a side of refried beans, topped with more cheese. : )

Oh – the hubbs’ also gave Rocky a haircut today!

Husband does an awesome job with the fade! Check it out!

So pretty!

Now I’ve got some serious work to attend to so I’m not totally unprepared for a meeting tomorrow!



  1. I hear you on the tortillas!! 🙂 And I want to kiss your doggy’s sweet face!

  2. I love homemade guac too! What a cute dog! Nice job on the haircut!

  3. Love tacos for an easy dinner! And I had to laugh at your Baileys in the coffee. You’re right. Some situations just call for it.

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