Posted by: thefitacademic | December 3, 2010

Fun Friday!

This morning I decided to do a twist on Christin’s chocolate pumpkin pudding. I threw together the last of my canned pumpkin, along with some chocolate soy protein powder, I didn’t have any cocoa powder, so I threw in 1/2 tbs of canned hot chocolate (yum!) with 1/2 tbs each of Almond Butter and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (omg yum!) Heated it up in the microwave until warmed throughout, and DUG IN! Great creation, Christin!

Friday mornings I have an early class, so instead of trying to squeeze in a run, I decided to bikeride to school (it’s 3.5 miles each way, so I got a 7 mile round trip bike-ride in). It’s amazing because I always thought bike-riding was the easiest thing ever (this – because I’d only ridden a stationary bike for the past decade, so I forgot what a “real” bike was all about!) Let me tell you what – a real bike on real hills is NO JOKE! I swear, it seems more difficult to me than running! Maybe just because I’m used to (and love) running – hopefully the bike gets easier for me (I just got it recently, so it’s still new to me!)

Off I go!

Lunch featured a very boring can of Campbells soup (see my bike helmet in the backround? Proof I rode the bide to school ; ) )

And a couple hours later I had another snack of veg & AB (what can I say? I’m a creature of habit)

I biked home listening to a couple new ‘tunes I downloaded on the ipod:

itunes downloads:

Adam Sandler – The Chanukah Song

Cee Lo – Forget you

Alanis Morisette – You Oughta Know, Ironic, & Head Over Feet -> oldies, but goodies (and great for running/biking/exercising!)

Tonight we’re going over to a friend’s for dinner, but – lucky you – I already know what we’re having so I’ll give you a sneak peak:  Stouffer’s Lasagna


I used to hate lasagna when I was younger, but I’ve kinda grown into it over the years. It’s still not at the top of my “favorite dinner” list (if such a list existed), but I’m always down for hanging out with friends, and you can’t complain about free food that a friend prepares for said hanging out. ; )

Oh, btw – my team lost that game last night : (

It was SUCH a close game! We went into double overtime and finally the other guys’ won because they got a touchdown & a field goal. My team got a touchdown, but missed the field goal….thus loosing the game. Oh well, you win some & lose some.

I’m out! Hope you’re all having a fun Friday!



  1. Love all the new tunes:) Real bikes are SO different ha! Your pumpkin pudding looks AMAZING!

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am planning on wearing both socks at the same time. One is a thin liner and the other has heavy cushioning. Both are made from synthetic materials. Theoretically some of the friction takes place between the socks and not between your foot and the sock, lowering chances of blisters. Apparently this is a pretty common technique amongst hikers and in the military with combat boots. We’ll see on Sunday if it works for me. But enough about that…

    I can totally relate to your bike thing. I have made the mistake of thinking it was going to be easy. So not the case. It’s WAY harder than running!

  3. Thanks for the love girl!! I bet the hot chocolate mix made it extra delicious! 😀

  4. That pudding looks uh-mazing. Must try it!

  5. I’ve become a fan of lasagna since I started living in an apartment. So easy to store away for another day when you don’t have time to prepare a meal.
    Cool blog!

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