Posted by: thefitacademic | December 2, 2010

Goals and such

So I’ve been noticing lately that a bunch of people seem to be keeping and tracking all types of goals (weekly goals, monthly goals, etc.) and I want to jump on the band wagon.

I’m not a huge fan of New Years’ Goals. I’m not opposed to them or anything, but I just don’t think that we should have to wait to New Years…..just to make half-hearted goals that we may or may not follow through with. So, most years I don’t make New Years resolutions.

But I like the idea of monthly goals! Weekly goals seems to tedious for me, but a month is just about the right amount of time – gives you a reasonable amount of time to accomplish something, but not so long that the goals become forgotten.

So, in that spirit – I’ve compiled a short list of December Goals:

1. Take more photos for the blog. I find that I’m always forgetting my camera, or eating my food before I’ve taken a picture, or whatever. I want to get better at this (a) because it helps me be accountable for what I’m eating and (b) because presumably – that’s why many of you are here, right? A healthy lifestyle/healthy eating type blog?

2. Take some time for myself, family, and friends. Life as an academic isn’t easy. The lifestyle is basically non-stop: over holidays, on honeymoons, and all! But it’s really important to me to make time for family and friends, but to also leave some “me” time where I can just chill out, scrapbook, play guitar, and do whatever it is that I feel like doing.

3. Continue workouts at least 5 times a week. Finals, Christmas, New Years – it’s a crazy, busy time of year & it can be almost impossible to find time to exercise! But this is a priority in my life and I want to strive to continue finding time for exercise at least 5 times a week!

4. Make healthy food choices…85% of the time. Before my wedding I really ramped up the “healthy eating” stuff. I still want to live my life that way, but I want to make allowances for the fact that these are the holidays – I know my stepdad is going to make his famous chocolate chip cookies, and I’d bet my mom will make her ooey-gooey pull-apart rolls and I want to be able to eat them, dang it! I don’t want to have to hold back and feel like I’m missing out (and New Years? Hello – champagne evening/mimosa morning!?). I need to allow myself some of this decadence without going overboard – hence the 85% rule : )

5. Buy and make cheap, but thoughtful and creative Christmas gifts. Money is tight for everyone these days – but especially being that we’ve just dumped thousands of dollars into our wedding that was less than a month ago, we’re at an all time low point in the checking account : / So, my plan is to try to give people home-made or inexpensive, but very meaningful and thoughtful gifts. This can be hard – sometimes it feels like spending more and getting something generic (gift card) is easier than spending less and really having to put thought into it. But, luckily I’ve got a plan (I’m not going to spill the beans, in case my fam happens across the site)! I’ll fill you in when Christmas is over ; )

Okay – that’s it for now. Let’s keep it short and do-able!

So, today I woke up and (again) decided to put my jog off until the afternoon (why do I keep doing this to myself?!) I really need to get better about that, because I’m definitely a morning worker-outer! It’s soooo hard for me to find the motivation to do it after work that I feel like I’m skimping on my workouts (running slower than usual, or just not really giving it my “all”). I don’t even have an excuse because today a warm front came through so instead of it being 20 degrees, it was a beautiful 50 – would have been perfect for running! But nope… here’s how my morning went instead:

Got up and made an amazing fruit smoothie!

In the mix:   a heaping scoop of pumpkin, vanilla almond milk, chocolate soy protein powder, a bunch of pineapple chunks and juice, a handful of carrot and celery sticks that I had previously washed & cut, and 2/3 of a banana with a sprinkling of chia seeds on top. SOOOO good! I’ve run out of spinach at the house (tragedy!) & it’s been forever since I had a smoothie without spinach, but the veggies and celery mixed nicely and it tasted AMAZING!

For lunch I had the last of my leftover chicken noodle soup

(yep this is the same pic from the last time – I forgot to take a new pic, hence the December goal, lol. But it was essentially the exact same thing)

Before leaving work I had a little snack:  a little hand full of grapes plus some more carrots & celery, this time dripping dunked in the good old almond butter. I love having veg + AB as a pre-workout snack because it’s light on the tummy, and yet packs some protein along with healthy carbs to give you the energy you need to power through.

I tried to hit up the gym, but it was shut down due to the huge UA vs ASU game (we’re rivals….it’s still ongoing but I’ll let ya know how it went when it’s over). I really disapprove of shutting the gym due to a football game. Really people – we’re going to shut down businesses and stuff???

Instead, I came home and crashed ran around in the neighborhood with Rocky (didn’t get to do the full distance because it was dark & I didn’t feel safe, but I can make up mileage tomorrow). Before my run I threw some chicken breasts (that I had marinating in Italian dressing during the day) in the oven. When I got back, I steamed some broccoli & made a package of noodles really quickly.

Just after I plated it, I remembered the 1 condiment that puts all other condiments to shame:


If you have been missing out on this little gem, then you need to grab some pronto! I added a good-sized “drizzle” over everything: chicken, noodles & veg! Zapped it for a sec (cuz the sauce was cold from the fridge) & it’s done!

Oh enjoyed with some of THIS on the side

Yes – the wine is in a water goblet, not a wine glass. And, yes, I am enjoying a fine glass of 2 buck chuck! If  you are unfamiliar with Charles Shaw then you are missing out! Nicknamed “2 buck chuck”, the bottle will set ya back $2.99 & is of award-winning quality!

Also – look at this little guy that I picked up the other day

This Christmas is kind of depressing because we’ve decided not to decorate. In case you’re new, my husband & I moved to Tucson in August 2009 from south Florida. We relocated here because I got a great offer from the University of Arizona for an amazing program that would give me graduate student funding. It was the right move, but we had to sacrifice A LOT! We literally packed everything we could into my tiny Kia Spectra and a tiny little U-haul trailer (the size that  a car can pull – the 5 x 8 size). Anything that didn’t fit we tried to sell & whatever didn’t sell….got left behind.

When we first got here we didn’t have a couch, kitchen table, any chairs of any kind. We left all of our camping equipment, patio furniture, kitchen appliances. I mean EVERYTHING was left. And we started over.

The reason I’m saying this is because one of the things that got left were ALL of our holiday decorations. Since we don’t have any Christmas decorations on hand, we would have to go out and buy some. Since we’re going back home for Christmas for 2 weeks (and being that we are broke from the wedding, lol) we decided not to buy new stuff & to just not decorate this year.  But – now we have a lovely poinsettia, and it really spruces things up (oh – and the neighbor has gone all out with X-mas lights so I still get to reap the benefits of looking at a pretty house at night) ; )



  1. How do you like living in Tucson? I’ve only been there a few times. I like your goals, they all seem realistic. Thanks for the tip on Trader Joe’s Soyaki. The next time I am at a TJ’s I am def. going to scoop this up! : )

    • Tucson is okay – I’m used to living in much larger cities, so it’s options can sometimes feel limited, but it’s large enough to have all the “big” stuff, plus I only live 3 miles from work, which has never happened before! I never get on a highway even! Definitely try that Soyaki – you will not be sorry!

  2. My xmas gifts this year are homemade granola and framed photos (I have a ton of frames lying around). Homemade gifts are the best! 🙂

  3. I struggle with the photo thing too. I’ve managed to start bringing my camera places more often. But I still can’t seem to pull it out and take pictures. Good luck meeting all your goals!

  4. A glass of wine makes everything better… and sometimes, the cheap stuff is the best stuff! My thanksgiving was spent watching christmas specials with a friend drinking 6$ wine from the corner store. GREAT night ahahaha

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