Posted by: thefitacademic | November 15, 2010

Brief Hiatus

Sorry about the blogging-break! That’s what happens when you get married and go on a honeymoon!

From now, I’ll be more reliable about at least twice-weekly updates. But for now, here are some highlights of what’s been happening these past 2 weeks.

I got married!

At the reception, we had margaritas (my first in FOREVER!!!)

Then we honeymooned!

I swam and played with dolphins

We ate lots of food (not always the healthiest, but – hey – we deserved it!)

We lounged in our private dipping pool on our giant balcony

We went on glass-bottom boat rides, went snorkeling (see the sea-creature in my hand?), saw cliff-divers, and went jet-skiing

We saw traditional Mexican folklore dances

And then we returned home.
Tonight I needed a simple meal.

So, we bought a pre-done rotisserie chicken. I made a little mixture of BBQ sauce, honey, diced jalapenos & spices that I slathered on top & baked to warm through.

Check out the diced japs, below (I used half for the chicken). For the wedding we got new cutting boards & a set of Top Chef knives. It made the dicing a pleasure (we have a food processor, but dicing was way more fun!)

For sides, I made some corn bread, with the remaining diced jalapenos, whole corn kernels, agave nectar & hot sauce. Chris & I like HOT foods, but I also like a little sweet ; )

I threw the remaining corn kernels in a small pot on the stove & warmed through for a veggie side.


While out of town I did pretty well with my workouts! Prior to the wedding I went on several short & 1 long run (9 miles for the long). I also managed to squeeze in a couple weight sessions.

While on my honeymoon I had planned to have just a couple short, easy “workouts”. It was my honeymoon & what I wanted most in life was to lounge carelessly in the room, order lots of room-service, and do very little. Mission Accomplished! : )

I did, however, go on 2 short morning jogs on the beach. I have a gps/running app on my Ipod so I was able to tell that I did 1.5 miles the first jog and 2 miles on the second. It felt like much longer though – the sand forces you to run slower than usual and gives a better leg workout. It was good.

I also swam laps one day for about 20 minutes. Additionally, the resort pool had underwater stationary bikes placed in the pool facing the ocean, so I did rode the bike for about 10 minutes.

All-in-all, the trip was AMAZING! Now back to reality – ugh!


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